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Me, me, me.

August 27, 2009

I’ve been trying to think how to introduce myself, what to say to make me look interesting & good. I’d normally say to people ‘I’m Emma, I have a husband, Craig & a son Samuel. I’m a HR Assistant at the Company Who Cannot be Named. (CWCN). I have 2 lovely parents, a wonderful Grandma & a sister & brother in law who live in Australia. I like to read, socialise & eat nice food.’

It’s all me but not quite me.

I’m slightly neurotic, slightly overweight (used to be very overweight but I’ve just lost 3 stone & still dieting to lose another 2 – more on that another time), rather ginger, very stubborn & very eager to please. Eager to please everyone but myself I’d like to point out.

I’ve realised that as a teenager I was a bit wild, out of control, an absolute bloody nightmare in fact. If Sam has teenage years like I did I’m running for the hills. Or buying a taser. As a result of rocking the boat to the point of capsize I now barely make a ripple. I’m nice to everyone, I try to make sure other people (mainly my family) are happy to the detriment of my own happiness. I’m often found driving manically half an hour up the M62 just so my parents/Grandma can spend another hour with Sam, who is the light of their lives. I’m always tired, often grumpy & constantly trying to be better than I am.

I always feel guilty about something. Usually, that I work full time & don’t spend enough time with Sam. Last week it was that I don’t cook enough of his food from scratch. So, I spent 7 hours making home made chicken nuggets & ended up with 17 (yes, 17) burn marks on my hands/arms & (bizarrely) neck. I love to cook but I’m not very good at it. The chicken nuggets did go down surprisingly well though & so my guilt was assuaged for another few days. This week I’m feeling guilty about spending money. I love to spend money. I’m not even that bothered about what I buy. I love food shopping just as much as I love clothes shopping.

I love reading. I consume books like most people consume chocolate. I’ll read anything, anywhere. I’ve even been known to read at traffic lights. I’m not discriminatory about what I read. This month I’ve read a Danielle Steel book (crap), a Baby Whisperer book (looking into potty training), Emma (a favourite) and a book about a breakout of the Ebola virus (name escapes me). Plus various magazines (big addiction), newspapers & leaflets. I love leaflets.

I also have the most pointless degree in the world – Geology & Classical Studies. I can read Ancient Greek & identify olivine with a microscope. Which is very useful when working in HR as you can imagine. One quite cool thing though is that I identified a Roman ruin under a field in Stoke. The council didn’t want to know. Cutbacks apparently by ancient relics in the department that deals with ancient relics. Ironic really.

That’s me, in a large nutshell. Hello! *waves*

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