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Coming out of the sunroof

September 4, 2009

I’ve found writing this quite cathartic. Sam’s birth affected me greatly and not in a good way. Apologies for the length of the post but trust me, this was the edited version!

So, I’d had pretty much the perfect pregnancy. Titch (as s/he was known) was very active, I was blooming enormous, his/her sex was still a secret (I thought boy, Craig thought girl). I was 37 weeks & off for a routine midwife appointment. I was due to finish work at 39 weeks & my replacement was starting the following Monday.

Typically that’s when things starting to go slightly pear shaped. I was at the hospital within an hour of seeing the midwife, strapped to a monitor as my BP was through the roof & that amongst other things made them wary of pre eclampsia. I was told not to go back to work under any circumstances.   I was in & out of hospital for the next 2 weeks being scanned every few days.  At 39 weeks they finally offered to induce me a couple of days later as the umbilical cord wasn’t working as well as it should , due to my high BP.

Of course Monday came & went without induction. I was in hospital waiting but apparently the whole of Bury had suddenly decided to drop that Monday. So Tuesday night  they finally gave me ‘the gel’. Not an experience I wish to repeat. Owee.

Early on Wednesday I woke with period pains. Yes! This was it – my time to shine. I knew I wasn’t allowed a water birth anymore due my high blood pressure but I was ready! Ready to walk around a lot, bounce on a big rubber ball (i had been practising), ready to get high on gas & air & refuse an epidural . I just had to have a shower, wash my hair, do my make up & then labour could really start (what was I thinking?) The midwife had told me to let her know when anything happened as they needed to monitor Titch (due to problems with the blood flow in the cord). I trotted (waddled) over, let her know I had started with a few period pains, but nothing bad & I was off to have a shower, do my hair, put my make up and GET READY!!! (i was too excitable for 6am).

No, I had to be monitored before my shower. So off I went, back to bed, greasy hair & no make up. Within half an hour I was on the delivery ward. Titch wasn’t doing so good. I had rang Craig, told him not to worry but start getting ready to come in & called my parents, saying the same thing (my mum was going to be my other birth partner as well as Craig). An hour later (nobody there yet) it was decided that I need a section. Now. Titch was brachycardic & my BP was increasing. I called Craig (they said I could use my mobile as it was an emergency – this panicked me more than anything). He was taking the dogs for a walk. I called my parents. My mum was doing her make up. Panic!!!!

It’s ok I thought, I’m not in a gown yet. They put me in a gown. No family. It’s ok I thought, I’ve not been shaved yet. They shaved me. No family. It’s ok I thought, I’ve not gone into theatre. They took me into theatre. No family. It’s ok i thought, I’ve not had an epidural. They gave me an epidural. No family.

Eventually, just after the surgeon appeared a nurse asked me if my mum could come in as Craig was still on his way (he had asked her to go straight to the hospital as my dad was picking him up). ‘Noooo, I want my huuuuusband’ I sobbed. Of course I said yes though, my mum would leave when Craig eventually arrived. She came in & I pulled myself together. She told me Craig would be there any minute (good, as they had now started cutting). In fact, they had just taken the first cut into my uterus when Craig finally rocked up, in full scrubs (yummy) and out of breath. I had told a midwife that I was most upset that Craig wouldn’t be able to tell me if we had a son or daughter so just 4 minutes after Craig arrived, to the traffic news on the local radio, said midwife asked everyone to turn round & the surgeon lifted out Titch and showed him/her to Daddy. ‘What have you got Daddy?’ It’s a boy….he’s got really big balls’ said Daddy.

We had our Samuel. I didn’t get to see him straight away like Craig & my mum – he was very blue & they were worried about his breathing. It turned out he was fine with Apgars of 8 & 9. He was only brought to me 15 minutes later fully dressed. My heart aches when I think that I missed seeing him newly born  (he was still covered in vernix so the doctors thought my dates may have been wrong & I was actually only 36/37 weeks and not 39+3 when he was born). My mum commented on how lovely the hospital clothes were they had dressed him in when I pointed out that that was the outfit she had bought from Matalan for him just a couple of weeks earlier.

Craig took him to see my dad & sister who were outside worrying while I was stitched up.  We then were taken into the recovery room & Sam latched on like a pro. At least in breastfeeding  I could do something my baby, even if I couldn’t birth him properly.

Samuel Kevin Martin Murphy was born at 8.14am on Wednesday 2nd July 2008 by emergency c section weighing 7lbs 11 ozs. He had big blue eyes, a dusting of strawberry blonde hair and a cry that could shatter windows. We were over the moon.

So there we go. It’s very therapeutic to write everything down & reflect on it. I firmly believe that the problems I had with my blood pressure which impacted on Sam’s wellbeing were down to my obesity. At my booking in appointment at 12 weeks my BMI was already 34.9. Another 0.1 & I would have had fortnightly monitoring as my weight was such an issue. Since then I have lost 3 stone, researched homebirths, hypnobirthing, doulas, VBACs & scar ruptures. I am very much ready for my next birth, which if all goes to plan should be in 2012. I do like to be organised. 😉

sam 1 day old

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  1. porridgebrain permalink
    September 5, 2009 8:46 am

    Do you know what – I found reading this quite emotional too. The thought of you lying there all alone while they got you ready for surgery made me want to cry 😦

    Very glad it all had a happy ending though (obviously!). And so proud of you doing what you’re doing with your weight loss and planning the next baby etc. 2012 hey? I’ll put it in my calender…

    It is amazingly cathartic though, writing it all out, isn’t it? I found the same with my birth story. Although I still haven’t been brave enough to write about what came afterwards which was the really horrible, scary bit. I will do one day though.

    And ickle baby Sam made me squeal – just perfect xxxxx

  2. September 6, 2009 8:31 am

    I might not be the best person to comment as I am the sister who lives in Australia but WOW!!!! Yet again my big sister continues to impress me with the whole blogg thing. Although up until Jan I was there for all the bits you have talked about I never understood. Plus I never understood why you would want to blogg but I do now. I have a book I rite all my thoughts in which is kind of th same I guess. Well done YUMMY MUMMY!x

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