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Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie! Oi, oi, oi!

October 1, 2009
So here we are, back in Blighty! Did you miss me? Even a little? Ah well, never mind, we can’t all be popular! What a holiday! We’ve had a great time but we’re back at work, back at uni and back to reality. I don’t want to bore every one, wittering on & on about what we did (everything you could do within a 5 hour drive of Perth – we’re bloody knackered) but I do want to record a small part of it.

The dreaded flights were much better than expected but not as good as hoped. Sam woke up the morning we left a bit poorly and cutting 2 mahoosive molars. Fabulous. My independent, social, happy little man turned into a clingy mummy loving limpet who screamed if anyone attempted to come near him. He wanted me & me alone. For the whole 20 hours. I managed to watch half a film, sleep for an hour or so & read about 10 pages of a book. The rest of the time was spent hushing, shushing, there-there ing, cuddling, singing & being a snot receptacle for a very tired, unhappy little boy. Coming back he was a lot better and actually slept for about 3 hours, in which I managed to rewatch the film I’d half watched on the way out (Knowing – love Nic Cage, love end of the world brainless films – good choice when sleep deprived).  Despite all this I am overjoyed that Sam wasn’t the screaming, annoying child you get on all flights and I wasn’t that desperate mother telling everyone (in a very high pitched, panicked voice) that ‘he isn’t usually like this, he’s normally very quiet’.

The highlight (obviously, as it was the reason we went) was seeing Helen again. She hasn’t changed, still the loudest person I’ve ever known, still skinny, still slightly tanned, still my bessie mate!  We ate, drank, laughed, argued and laughed some more. She whisked away my beloved long green cardie almost as soon as I arrived in the country and there is resides forever more. God knows why, it’s 4 sizes too big for her; but as I couldn’t afford to buy her anything new I was happy for her to keep that. Anyway, Next have a new catalogue out soon so I can legitimately buy at least one other cardie to make up for it.

Sam loved her to bits. She taught him (new songs and games she’s learnt at her new job as a Childcare Assistant. They played on the beach and giggled til Sam couldn’t catch his breath. She bathed him, changed him, fed him, gave him her famous ‘smoochie smoochies’ and accidently burst his lip in the park one day. He didn’t cry, it was the 4th time he’s burst his lip & I think he’s pretty used to it. They had a great time. In true Sam style though he wasn’t that bothered about seeing Antony again. Sam is very much a ladies man. Although I did catch them having sneaky cuddles now & again and playing with Sam’s trucks.  

I didn’t stick to my diet in the slightest & I’ve come home half a stone heavier, filled with Ant’s home made burgers, barramundi, shrimps cooked on the barbie, rump steak, kangaroo steak and a hell of a lot of Aussie wine. Well, you can’t go on holiday and refuse a good steak can you? ‘No thanks, I’ll have a bit of chicken and some water please.’ Never going to happen!

The best day out of the fortnight was the first full day. Jet lag hadn’t hit yet, we were overly excited to be there, Helen was right in front of us & not at the end of the phone & we went off to find the local wildlife. Helen lives in the suburb of Butler, Waneroo. About 45 minutes from the centre of Perth. Not much wildlife to be found the ‘burbs? Wrong! 20 minutes up the road we found ourselves at a very quiet, peaceful cemetery slightly confused as to what we were doing there. Helen directed us to where the graves are. In front of us, living wild, hopping around the gravestones were about 40 kangaroos. Some sleeping, some fighting, some eating, some with joeys sticking their heads of their mummies’ pouches. Just incredible. Although wild they are more than used to humans and so we were able to get close to them. I’ve never seen a kangaroo before and to see them just pootling around in front of us was incredible. Truly breath taking.

Sam’s first time on a beach (Blackpool does not count) was brilliant. After a few hesitant steps towards the water there was no stopping him. I lost count of the number of nappies I had to change because he just plonked himself down in the ocean without warning. That child has balls – it was too cold most of the time for any of us! He developed a crab like step to try and get deeper in the water, screaming his head off if you tried to pull him out to keep him from drowning/freezing. He laughed when the waves crashed in, laughed when the sand stuck to him, laughed when we buried his legs in the sand and cried when we left. Any thoughts about moving to Australia in the future went into overdrive to see his joy at the beach.

So we’re home now. We’ve said ‘adieu’ to Helen for at least 18 months but are secure in the fact that what we went there for has been achieved. We wanted to experience their lives. We’ve lived in their house, spent a morning at Helen’s work (lots of comments about how alike we looked, one little girl hugged me because she thought I was Helen; Sam kissed & hugged all the older girls), we watched Ant play football (he hasn’t scored all season but scored at each of the games we went to) , we ate at their favourite restaurant, got drunk at the local karaoke night and ate Cherry Ripes, Tim Tams and marshmallow fish. We’ve met their friends and just managed to see Ant’s best man & his wife who moved to Perth the day before we left. We’re leaving them in a better country (in my opinion) with better weather, better jobs, more money and a whole new country’s worth of possibilities. By the time we go back out there in 2011 (hopefully) they’ll have had a house built to their specifications which I can’t wait to see. Knowing Helen it’ll be bright pink on the outside & knowing Ant it’ll be decorated in the Oldham Athletic colours on the inside.

I already miss both of them very much but I’m not upset, they have a wonderful life and I’m proud of them and happy for them. Maybe we’ll follow them out there. 

As I’ve left all the cables for my new camera in Australia I can’t upload any  photos, but here’s a couple I’ve printed out for my desk at work.

Helen & I enjoying raspberries daiquiris at karaoke night and Sam and I on the beach at sunset.


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  1. October 1, 2009 9:31 pm

    Oh it all sounds so amazing! Can’t wait to see all your photos.

    So glad you had a good time – must have been really hard saying goodbye though 😦

  2. notsuchayummymummy permalink*
    October 2, 2009 11:12 am

    It was awful but we’re going to get back out there as soon as we can. It might be a couple of years but we’ll do it!

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