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No-where-near Wordless Wednesday

February 3, 2010

Sam is growing up so, so quick. He learns new things every day and life seems to be speeding that little bit out of control.

This week he has finally grown out of the last of his 9-12 month clothes & babygrows (thank goodness, he is 19 months now) and he has new shoes again! My Mum & Grandma took him shopping this weekend and had his feet measured. In under 2 months he’s gone from a 4.5 to a 6! I thought his shoes were getting a little tight but wowzer! So he has new shoes, new babygrows for bed and I have even more stuff to sort out.

Here’s one of my current favourite pics of Sam which never fails to make me smile. He loves having toilet paper wrapped round his head and dancing to the Rocky theme tune! I’ll have to get it on video for his 18th birthday.

Bandana boy

Also (I have to share this), yesterday, on his 19 month birthday Sam finally called me Mama. Specifically he said ‘Hiya Mama’ on the phone, collapsed into giggles and then shouted ‘ca’ – he was watching the road again. My clever, gorgeous, funny little boy is finally finding his voice.

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