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Things that have made me smile this weekend…

February 8, 2010

Opening a bottle of pear cider after a hellish journey home from work

Sam wearing my shoes

Sam learning to say bus, juice & Bob (the Builder)

Sam’s excitment at seeing the new Bob the Builder t-shirt my mum bought him

Mum buying me a lovely lilac jumper

Grandma being very thoughtful and buying Craig a lovely scarf

The chicken balti pie from my Dad’s cafe/deli (Bread & Basil, Congleton folks, pop in for fabulous food & drink!)

Sam demolishing a Lancashire pasty with gusto

Sam’s constant farting while eating said pasty making us all (and the rest of my Dad’s cafe) fall about in hysterics

Grandma asking Sam for a ‘big smacker’ and getting a smack in the face. Cue us & a load of people in Marks & Spencers falling around in hysterics.

Sam pushing the shopping trolley, admittedly into someone but she was fine

Craig changing the bedding, cleaning the kitchen and doing the washing for me before he went to rugby

Vodka and ginger ale. It’s the future…

Craig running  a bath (in his sleep) for Sam at 3.30am. If I hadn’t have woken up I’m convinced poor Sam would have had a rude awakening

Going for a Mexican on Sunday just the three of us

Sam’s obvious adoration of tortilla chips & salsa

Sam’s incredulous face when he first used a straw. His giggles whenever he had a drink were fantastic!

Sam running around the Mexican restaurant in his t-shirt and nappy because he’d weed so much he’s soaked his trousers

Having A WHOLE 1.5 HOURS to myselfwhen Sam was in bed, Craig was at the pub and all the cleaning was done. Bliss!

Sam’s new black & white stripy pj’s. He looks like a teeny tiny convict. Or a Frenchman.

Sam buffing his feet (!?) in his new convict pjs

Watching Music & Lyrics, singing along to all the songs (I have the soundtrack!) and laughed at by Craig

Sam smacking my Grandma (see above)…I just can’t stop laughing about it!!

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  1. February 8, 2010 9:04 pm

    A great list. Sam is such a cutie – and he sounds like a right cheeky monkey (I have a Sam too)! Pear Cider – now there’s a thought!

  2. February 8, 2010 11:22 pm

    Aww those are all FABULOUS things! So glad you had a good weekend. We missed you though xx

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