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Happy Birthday Mrs Malaprop

March 26, 2010
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It’s my Grandma’s birthday today so I won’t be around. Sam and I are taking her to a local carvery for a lovely long lunch!

I love my Grandma to bits. She may be 87  today but she still goes dancing 3/4 times a week, she goes out every day, helps her elderly friends and spends every Saturday with my Mum, me & Sam. She even looks after Sam for a couple of hours now & again if my Mum or I need her too. How many 87 year olds can look after a toddler on their own?!

We haven’t always seen eye to eye. When I was going through my teenage evil years we weren’t close at all. Since I came back from uni though we’ve got a lot closer. Since I’ve had Sam, I see her every week & we talk on the phone. My sister & I used to joke that she was always the favourite grandchild, they are very, very close but she buggered off to Australia so there was an opening for me! Ha, in your face Helen!! *blows raspberry*

I love the relationship Grandma and Sam have. He’s her little mirror image. When we Skyped my sister a couple of weeks ago she couldn’t believe how much Sam is starting to look like her. He’s got her red hair (as have I ), although lighter than her original carrot colour. He has her blue eyes and pale skin. As soon as my Grandma sees Sam they giggle, laugh, kiss and cuddle. He adores her and the feeling is mutual.

I’m so thrilled (and lucky) that we get on so well and spend so much time together. I love listening to her stories, harrowing as many are, from her childhood. Listening to how she met my Grandad (he spoke to her at a dance about how beautiful her red hair was), about their life together (cruelly cut short when my Grandad died a few weeks before I was born) and what my Mum was like when she was young. She has us in stitches with her malapropisms, she’s a nightmare at getting words wrong. Recent ones include:

In Marks & Spencers (full) changing rooms to my Mum trying on a skirt – Margaret! You look just like a 1920’s slapper! Do you mean flapper Grandma? Oh yes!

That Richard Branson is a typhoon! Err, tycoon Grandma. Oh yes!

If we didn’t put enough alcohol in the fruitcake it would go randy. Really? Are you sure you mean randy? Oh yes, it meant something different in our day……. (5 minutes later) Do I mean rancid? Yes Grandma.

It’s got to the point where she won’t say new words because she’s so afraid of getting them wrong & saying something rude! Which has happened many a time, much to our amusement.

I think we’ll pop to Asda on the way to pick her up, buy her the biggest bunch of pink flowers they have. She deserves them.

Happy Birthday Grandma/Gee Gee. We love you loads. xxx

Grandma & Sam Christmas Day 2008

Getting ready for Helen's wedding April 2008

Getting on down at Helen's wedding with my Mum!

March 2010

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  1. March 27, 2010 7:57 pm

    What a lovely tribute!

  2. parklover permalink
    March 31, 2010 3:38 pm

    I love the idea of your 87 year old Grandma helping out her “elderley” friends! This is a lovely post and your Grandma has a lovely smile. She sounds ace.

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