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Congleton Food & Drink Festival

June 15, 2010

As you may know my Dad was made redundant a few years ago and used the opportunity to follow his dream of running a cafe or deli. After a lot of searching he found a lovely little cafe AND deli in the town of Congleton in Cheshire. It’s an hour’s drive away but we all fell in love with it and months later it was his. Little were we to know that just months later the arse would fall out of the world’s economy and business all over would be going tits up.

Not my Dad’s though. Through this whole economic crisis he has worked stupid hours (90 hours week minimum) to keep Bread and Basil going. And finally, finally as the economic crisis seems to be lessening (let’s not mention double dips here people) things seem to be on the up.

Bread and Basil is very much a family run business even if my Mum and I don’t work there on a regular basis (my sister obviously doesn’t , Perth – Congleton is a bit of a commute). I provide HR advice, cover shifts when needed, my Mum dispenses advice on management (somtimes it’s even taken!) and we’re always popping down for a free lunch. Well there has to be some perks J

It’s a lovely place to eat and pick up yummy things for tea – just look at the review I’ve found online. That’s my Dad’s! yay!

This Father’s Day I will be helping my Dad at the annual Congleton Food and Drink Festival, which marks the start of ‘Tasty Town Week’ – I just love that name! From 10.30am to 4.30pm this Sunday all kind of stalls, events, demonstrations and cook offs will be appearing/happening in various places around Congleton. The Pedestrian area, Town Hall and High Street will be full of stalls selling all kinds of yummy goodies. There are a huge number of businesses taking part. For the full list have a look here. Mmm…don’t they sound fab!

I went to the Festival last year with Craig, Sam and my Grandma and we had the best time. We pigged out on cheeses, chutneys, Indian snacks, cakes. We spent a fortune on all kinds of food and went home feeling skint, happy and very well fed.

I’ll be working for my Dad at Bread and Basil this year – I’ll be the shouty ginger one outside the shop giving away free samples of yummy food and shoving  gently encouraging people into the shop.

The weather looks nice so come down to Congleton and feast your eyes & tummies on what Cheshire has to offer. If you find me at Bread and Basil, introduce yourselves and mention the blog  I’ll even give you a free cake! You can’t say fairer than that! Plus it’ll make me look popular and that this blog is worthwhile, I’m not just ‘pissing about on the computer’ like my Dad says :-).

Hope to see you there!

Click here for the official Congleton Food & Drink Festival website.

This is not a sponsered post, I just think you should all come down & support your local producers. If you aren’t from Congleton but know someone that is, point them in this direction 🙂

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