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My poorly boy

July 27, 2010

As I’ve mentioned before Sam’s been poorly for a few weeks. He started with a typical cold in Skegness which turned into what I think was flu quite quickly. He was very poorly, off his food, crying, not sleeping, whinging (something he never does) and he did not want to play. All that soothed him was his dodo, muslin & Peppa Pig on repeat. Seriously, can they not make any more? Please? I need new episodes before I go completely insane!

He coughed so much he made himself sick on a number of occasions but last week we seemed to be turning a corner. Although I’m not a great believer in doctors we did take him, just in case. My lack of faith was reinforced when my husband took him and they gave him antibiotics. For a cold. Idiots. I have to admit I gave in and gave them to him just in case I was wrong and he did have an infection somewhere. Ironically if we’d have lived a couple of miles doen the road in a different area they wouldn’t have been prescribed and I wouldn’t have been put in the awful position of thinking I was a bad parent if I did give them to him and a bad parent if I didn’t.

Even with the antibiotics he got worse. By Friday he was a little ball of heat with an angry rash. Cue emergency doctor’s visit, referral to hospital and two very worried parents.  Of course when you want an answer most it doesn’t come. ‘A viral infection’ was all they diagnosed after extensive checks. Better than menigitis which they originally thought! The hospital was wonderful. They saw us immediately, calmed us (me) down, played with Sam whilst checking him out, got a doctor AND a registrar to see him and gave him his tea (which he threw up because of his coughing, thankfully into a sick bowl). After a rapid (non) diagnosis they sent us on our way, in time for us to get to my parents and have a nice evening with them. Thankfully my Mum was a nurse for nearly 40 years before moving into IT so I felt so much more comfortable being there than home alone as Craig had to work. That bit of added support is worth it’s weight in gold!

A few days on Sam still isn’t better. The Calpol seems to have broke his fever on occasion but when it wears off he’s still that little ball of fire he was on Friday. His rash is still there and he still isn’t eating much. We’re buying punnet after punnet of strawberries which are his favourite so at least he’s getting some vitamins and minerals down him. We’ve been to the doctor’s again today as I was worried about the amount of Calpol & Calprofen he’s been consuming. She’s reassured us that we are doing the right thing and we just need to have patience as he will get better soon. Just hearing we’re doing the right thing though is wonderful. Reassurance is a necessity to a first time mum! 

I just feel so bad over every decision we make about Sam when he’s ill. How do you know what is the best thing to do for them? How do you juggle them being ill with full time work? I’m so lucky that Sam is cared for by his Dad and Nana & Grandad when I’m at work. Not only do I not have to worry about other children becoming ill (although poor Nana & Grandad have had the majority of colds passed to them by Sam!), nursery not accepting him or begging for another day off from work but I know he’s with people who love him, care for him and know him well enough to know that if there is something wrong it will be noticed straight away.

So on we go with day 5 of the terrible fever and no name viral infection. I hope it breaks soon. Not least because I’m desperate to see my new nephew and friend’s brand new baby! There’s no way I can go near them until Sam has been well for a few days!

If anyone has any advice on how we can help him I’d love to hear it. For the most part he looks like this and his poor, sad little face is killing me! I need my Sammy Smiley back!

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  1. July 27, 2010 11:39 pm

    No advice I’m afraid, but I do feel for you because it’s horrible to have to sit and wait it out.

    If he does get worse, follow your instinct and don’t be afraid to get him checked out, eh?

  2. July 29, 2010 10:32 pm

    Man, it’s those sick eyes that get me every time. There’s nothing so sad as their sick eyes….. Poor him. And you.

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