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100 book challenge – 26 to 30

August 10, 2010

It was about this time that I was doing my dissertation and was really struggling to keep up my prescribed 2 a week. Reading was actually the only thing that kept me sane. After hours tap, tap, tapping, deleting, copying, pasting, crying, typing, and swearing at the laptop I’d retire to the lounge with chocolate, a cold can of diet coke and a good book. To be honest, I’m rather proud that I was even able to read something more taxing than Chat! Well, not exactly more taxing…

26.  Louise Bagshawe – When she was bad…

 I’ve raved about Louise Bagshawe before but I’m not going to rave about this one! Thoroughly entertaining admittedly but with a hint of ‘I’ve heard it all before’. She is Jackie Collins for the 21st century and like Jackie fills her books with samey stories which are nevertheless great romps with plenty of sex. A decent enough book but not one of her best by far.

27. Fiona Neill – The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy

I have read the Slummy Mummy column in the Times so was quite interested to see how this translated into a book. Answer – barely. I enjoy the column but felt the book was quite weak plot wise and it didn’t really hold my attention. Saying that it was what I needed to read at the time – something easy, quick and not too memorable to distract me from my studies. A particularly interesting book would have demanded my attention and time and would not have been appropiate!

28. Dawn French – Dear Fatty

This is precisely the kind of book I didn’t want to read! Fascinating, well written, interesting, entertaining, funny, sad and particularly poignant as I was reading this (actually the chapter about how much she loved her husband) when Dawn French and Lenny Henry announced their split. I loved this book. Well worth a read.

29. Richard E Grant – The Wah Wah Diaries. The Making of a Film

I think Richard E Grant rocks. And I find him very attractive! I haven’t seen the film ‘The Wah Wah Diaries’ but found this book, about how he wrote the script for his autobiographical film and how the movie got made. Funny, interesting and I’ll definitely be checking out the film. This guy has some patience!

30. Lynda MacDonald – Managing Discipline

No pic for this one. It came free with our work’s employment law update. What can I say, I’m a geek! When you’re just starting out on a career, especially in one as libellous as HR it’s important to have your facts straight! As I work for a company with very, very few discipline or grievance issues I was trying to keep my knowledge up to date. Easy to read, easy to understand, concise and recent. The perfect HR book!

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