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100 book challenge 31 – 35

August 16, 2010

I’m plodding along with the challenge slowly but surely. I’m up to speed with my timetable (2 per week) but having rediscovered my love of twitter after a couple of months off I fear I may slow down again! Here’s books 31-35 from April (told you I was behind with my posts about this!)

31. Lee Child – 61 Hours

Ooo, I do love a Jack Reacher novel. Following a recommendation from a friend I read the first one a few years ago and have now aquired all of them. My husband is just as enthusiastic about the books as I am. The books are all a little bit samey – loner Reacher arrives in a small town, saves them from crisis and jeopardises his well being in the process. Except this has a little twist at the end. You kind of know it’s coming but you’re still holding your breath when it happens. I cannot wait for the next one & have already pre ordered it on Amazon!!

32. Freya North – Pillow Talk

This is another author I’m a big fan and again have collected all her books. This didn’t disappoint. Intriguing, engaging with just the right amount of romance and laughs I’d definitely recommend it. The tale of two childhood sweethearts accidently meeting again after years is old hat but Freya North brings a bit of something more to it to keep me thoroughly entertained.

33. Stephen Clarke – Merde Actually

My Dad recommended this to me after he said he nearly fell off his chair laughing when he read it. Erm….sorry Dad I just didn’t feel it! Mildly amusing in some places but on the whole just a book about a Brit living in France. I struggled to finish it – not a good indicator.

34. Stieg Larsson – The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Oh yes, yes YES! It’s the final one of the Millenium Trilogy and it’s FABULOUS! No, the capitals are not unecessary, it is THAT good! Brilliant writing, fabulous twists and turns, ingenious wrapping up of the loose ends and a satisfying ending. Thank you Mr Larsson, I just wish you were around to write more. I would buy them all.

35. Jonathan Dimbleby – Russia.

The reviews for this book on Amazon are rather scathing but I have to admit I really enjoyed it. I’ve always been interested in Russia – it has a fascinating history – and would love to go there. I actually very nearly did. When I was in China I planned to travel home through Mongolia (Trans-Siberian Express), to Moscow, to St Petersburg then through Poland, the Czech Republic (meeting friends in Prague) before flying back to the UK. I had all my travel booked, hotels booked and I had my emergency Russian vocab – da, nyet, wodka – ready. However, it was not to be. The Russians weren’t keen on me & didn’t approve my visa in time (it was Chinese New Year and the Russian embassy in Beijing was closing for a fortnight. I was assured there wouldn’t be any problems but inevitably there was.) Gutted. The closest I came to seeing Russia was the inside of Moscow airport on an 8 hour changeover in a snow storm. The gift shops are crap. Anyway, I liked this book because not only did it teach me more about this intriguing country but it also gave me an insight into Jonathan Dimbleby. He does go on a bit and it’s slightly too ‘wordy’ to be an easy read but if you’re interested in the history, politics and people of Russia  and have a dictionary to hand then this is the book for you.

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