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I don’t understand…

September 24, 2010

…why Sam loves the song  Mambo No 5 so much

…how Sam has managed to learn most of the words to Mambo No 5. ‘One, too, fwee, four, five’

…why John Barrowman is on my TV all the live long day (it seems). His teeth are scary, white and big.

…why my tomatoes are still alive after I’ve neglected them all summer (unintentionally)

…why I’ve only just found the spell check on my blog after 14 months

…how I’ve managed to get obsessed with various games on my iPhone including ZombieFarm, Farm Story (add me as a neighbour – I’m not such a yum mum), Wedding Dash, Cooking Dash & the ultimate, Angry Birds

…why Sam is going through the ‘Why’ stage already. Shouldn’t this be later?

…why I’ve lost all self-control when it comes to food & am shoving food down my throat like there’s some kind of bagel & chocolate shortage about to hit

…how Sam has learnt the days of the week (no mummy, it Toosday)

…why Peppa Pig is suddenly ‘scare-wy’

…why I find Nick Knowles so damn attractive

…how the Barefoot Contessa got her own show. Tonight – interesting uses of bread. Are you frickin kidding me?

…why I’ve series linked Barefoot Contessa

…why I’ve lost my blogging & tweeting mojo. I’m putting down to iPhone games. It’s also why my house is a shit tip, my husband neglected and my son takes my phone out of my hand and says ‘no mummy, phone down now’

…Sam’s hysteria when going into playgroup when he comes out saying ‘pwaygup bwilliant’ having obviously had lots of fun

…why my sister lives in Australia.

…why the shit hits the fan all at once

…why my car seems to have an irrational fear of passing it’s MOT. EVERY YEAR!

…how our game ‘Sniff my feet’ became so popular

…why Sam is so obsessed with worms ‘dig worm mummy, I touch it. Eeeeekk!’

…why my Grandma felt the need to teach Sam to screech at the top of his voice ‘Bridges, ready steady gooooo, wooooo!’ as we go under every bridge. I do a lot of motorway driving so this grates. A lot.

…why I’ve got such a bad singing voice that Sam actually cries when I sing along to Meatloaf in the car. ‘No mummy, no sing, waaahhhhh’.

…why I’ve interrupted writing this post 3 times to harvest Zomborgs and Zmurfs

…how I am going to wait another 30 weeks for my sister’s baby to cook

…how my sister managed to get the dates right so baby is due on my birthday

…how I am going to tear myself away from my sister & the new baby when I go to Australia next year to meet him/her!

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  1. September 29, 2010 12:12 pm

    I can’t really explain it all to you. One consolation though, V cries “no mummy don’t sing” too.

    You achieved a lot in the past few years so if you wanna chill with your iphone, it’s your right, u’ve earned it.

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