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Real life & a la carte kitchens

October 5, 2010

So as you may have noticed once again I have not been around much lately. Real life has intruded on my online time to such an extent I am totally neglecting my blog, Facebook, twitter, my Google Reader, emails & general ‘pissing about online’ time. I am not happy about this. The internet is my sanctuary, where I go when I want to relax and having my chill out time interrupted makes me moody (add in the first lot of PMT in 18 months, due to new contraception, and I am raging most days).

However, there are some times when you need to concede that maybe, just maybe you need to keep offline for a while. Sam is at a wonderful stage right now. We have proper conversations, weird ones much of the time admittedly. In the bath the other day he told me his willy whistles and has hiccups. I have no idea what that is about. He tells me he is a chatterbox (too true) and we fall about laughing about what day of the week it is. ‘Toosday’ is his favourite. When given the option of chatting with Sam, playing games and making poo-man  and going online there’s no contest.  

We’re trying to give our house an overhaul despite the issue of having no money whatsoever. We’re clearing cupboards, donating boxes upon boxes to charity and the nice men at the tip and rearranging furniture.  My huge collection of books has been ruthlessly culled by a few hundred – there’s still too many to fit on our bookshelves but it hurt to get rid of what I did so for now many are still in boxes. We have a decent sized Victorian terraced house but since we had Sam it looks like Toys R Us threw up in it and we have no room. In preparation for the Christmas excess we’re making room. A good thing really as the first present I’ve bought him is a big Chad Valley kitchen with running water and ‘realistic noises’ Not sure what they would be  – mummy swearing like a navvy as she burns the rice as usual? Daddy bemoaning spag bol again? Shouts as the dog steals a sausage off a plate? We’ll see. What happened to A La Carte kitchens? I take it this is modern version. I bet the advert isn’t as good as this.

Also taking up an awful lot of my spare time is a secret project which isn’t something to talk about on here but could be quite fantastic eventually. More news when I can. Sorry to be cryptic – nothing annoys me more in a blog post but needs must. Have you ever noticed though when one thing takes up all your thoughts and energy that you really can’t think of any thing else, therefore making blogging quite difficult? If I can’t blog about it then I struggle to blog at all. There may be many photos in the coming weeks as my project continues.

Add in the time spent playing  Zombie Farm, Farm Story (let me know if you play & add me!) and trying to keep up to date with the 100 book challenge and I am quite the busy little bee. I haven’t even had time to make more chutneys and jam recently. I had the melons & lemons for jam but washing and ironing (oh yes I have started to iron now) unfortunately had to take priority or Sam would have been going to playgroup looking like a tramp.

How do you find time to blog? And tweet, and Facebook, and have families, work, maintain a happy relationship and clean house? Is there something I’m missing? Or am I just expecting too much of myself?

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  1. Claire permalink
    October 5, 2010 3:54 pm

    It is a challenge hon, we can’t do everything and though I definitely find it a thrill having lots of balls in the air it can get tiresome sometimes! Forget the chutney – buy it, forget the cleaning & ironing, keep blogging occasional and remember sleep is for wusses! Some how you will survive… it’s about deciding which balls are worth keeping up in the air and which should be popped in a drawer til another day!

  2. October 5, 2010 8:59 pm

    Um. I don’t tweet, have paid work or do much housework. Does that answer your question?

    (I want to do more housework, but it somehow seems very important to sit down to blog. Maybe because I don’t have paid work so this is my only brain exercise and interaction with adults during the day. Not sure I would manage in paid work either.)

  3. October 6, 2010 6:05 am

    I’m planning some costless redecorating as well. Only thing we can’t move a spoon around here without my grumpy dad-in-law’s ‘yes’and I haven’t dredged up the courage to ask. Hope your plans are going better.

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