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I shall go to the Cybermummy ball!

November 18, 2010

I made up so many excuses this year not to go to Cybermummy 2010 because, quite plain & simply I was scared! Without half a bottle of vodka in me I’m a bit quiet and introverted so the thought of meeting all those new people at once  freaked me out too much and I used Sam’s birthday (the day before) and our holiday (2 days after) as an excuse. But next year? No excuses!

I really didn’t think I’d be able to go again as it’s only 2 days after I get back from Australia but, bless him Craig has said that he doesn’t mind if, after a 2 week jolly to see my sister & the new baby I then head off down to London for the day. He knows how much it means to me. You know I’ve only ever met one blogger? And that’s not through blogging! I met Josie on an antenatal group when we were pregnant so it doesn’t count! I’m throwing myself in at the deep end and meeting you all at once!

Maybe. You see I need a sponsor. Someone who will very kindly buy me my ticket £80, pay for me to travel there and back (approx £80) and stay over on the Saturday night (£60).  Sian blogged about the best ways to get sponsorship so I have taken those on board and identified my favourite brands to target (Ihave to say I don’t think this is exactly what Sian would advocate but her post was really helpful)

Masterchef Australia – do you think they would? It’s my favourite programme EVER! I’ve already blogged about the Series 1 winner here and would be more than happy to blog about other parts of the series too.

next – ah, my favourite shop. I love, love, love their clothes (and kid’s clothes, men’s clothes, accesories, shoes, bags, bedding, towels, etc). Do they want to send me some to wear at the conference as well as paying for me? Pretty please? Just look at the size of my account – I’m obviously a very good customer so maybe deserve a little treat?

Asda & Tesco -Ooo, the rivalry. I could create a bidding war – both supermarkets in a fight over who would pay for me. One saying they’ll provide breakfast for, the other delivering me straight to the Cybermummy doors in a delivery van. I can’t see it happening mind you but I do use these 2 supermarkets every week and would be a fantastic advocate.

No 7 make up – Another brand I love & spend money I haven’t got on. I could change my make up frequently on the day, showing different looks for various situations! You can see how much I love make up here!

Diet Coke – It may be contributing to the bad toothache I’m getting lately but I just can’t cut down from 2-3 cans a day! But I’m still not sueing them for tooth decay because I love them. Please Diet Coke? I’ll drink it all day at Cybermummy and tell everyone how yummy it is!

Of course I am being tongue in cheek above but genuinuely, if anyone comes across my little blog in cyberspace or if anyone I have worked with previously would like to help me out in return for posts/badges/twitter/FB advertising etc (I won’t be able to afford to go without help) then I would be very grateful.  Although I won’t tattoo your advert on my body. Well not my head anyway. Unless you were Masterchef Australia and I could have a night alone with George and Gary (a night each, not together, that would be weird) then I’d get a tattoo anywhere you damn well want!

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