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Om nom Dominos

November 25, 2010

Is there anything worse than having to cook for your family when you feel poorly sick? No, I don’t think so. We’ve all been struck down by the lingering cough/cold/flu that’s decimating the country at the moment. Honestly, everywhere I go people are coughing and saying ‘It just won’t go away, I can’t shake it’ leading me to have nightmares about an ‘I am legend’ style epidemic and almost convincing myself we’re all going to turn into blood sucking, nocturnal zombies. At least I wouldn’t have to cook!

As I didn’t turn into a zombie last week and was going to have to provide sustenance to the family I was delighted to be offered a Dominos meal! I love pizza but have never had a Dominos so I was only too happy to accept. Plus it would mean I could loll on the sofa with wine feeling sorry for myself! Result!

I’m rather antisocial at the best of times so I decided to order online. I’m pleased to report it was so easy! Perusing  the pizza menu we chose a Double Decadence base with with ½ Meateor and ½ Texas BBQ along with chicken kickers combo and cheesecake for dessert. What? We were hungry! And we all know there’s nothing better for cheering you up than a boatload of food!

Nom nom Double Decadence

It came at the appointed time, piping hot and smelling heavenly. The chicken kickers were nicely spiced and the wedges suitably crunchy rather than those slightly pathetic, soggy things you sometimes get. As a condiment queen I was most impressed at being sent 3 different types of dips – Garlic & Herb (amazeballs), BBQ (gorgeous) and Hot (woah, spicy – the husband had that one).

The Double Decadence base has (as the blurb says) ‘ A layer of cheese and herb sauce sandwiched between two thin crust dough bases’. That sold me. Any meal that can cram more cheese in is ok with me! I loved it. It was nice and soft in the middle of the pizza and crisp, crunchy and light around the crust – perfect with the extra Garlic & Herb sauce we were given. Craig said he found it a bit doughy in the middle but he does like exceptionally thin bases where I’m more of a deep pan kinda gal so it was ideal for me. The Meateor topping was to die for (I could have eaten the meatballs on their own) and the Texas BBQ was delicious with big, crunchy slices of onion and green pepper.

The pizza was mahoosive so we weren’t able to finish it all at once (though a particularly valiant effort by me about 1am saw the last of it go) and I had to have a break before tackling the 3 mini cheesecakes selection. I am nothing if not conscientious though and I had promised to give my honest opinion of a Dominos meal so I struggled on and ate them. The lemon meringue was the highlight- light, fluffy and tangy (I like a good lemon bite, not a wishy washy, sugary effort), the Millionaire’s shortbread slice was ok but I’m not keen on Millionaire’s shortbread anyway so I’m not the best judge of that one!  The white chocolate and raspberry cookie dough wasn’t as heavy as the name suggested and was lovely.

One thing that has annoyed me about Dominos is that when I went online to have another nosy at their website I noticed that on the front page there was a Double Decadence offer – buy a Double Decadence pizza and get a free bottle of diet coke. I hadn’t noticed that and it should have been flagged up either during the online process or by someone at the shop. I know it was my fault for not going through the link and ordering but at most places if you order something with an offer attached, even if you forget to mention it they alert you to it. I would have expected that from a large company like Dominos.

Another sticking point for me was the price. It cost almost £28 (£30 with a tip) which was for one family meal. As my current WEEKLY budget for food for the 3 of us is £35 Dominos is slightly out of our price range. I am rather gutted about this because I loved it and would happily order from them again. There are other offers on throughout the week so I may take them up on those around pay day (providing I haven’t turned into a Darkseeker and gone after Will Smith by then).

 This is a sponsored post. I should really have got pictures of our food but me scarfing down a massive pizza with no make on, snot everywhere and my oldest, fleeciest, un matching PJs isn’t something that should ever be seen 🙂

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  1. November 25, 2010 11:32 am

    You know every so often it is good to treat yourself especially when you are lying on the sofa feeling sorry for yourself – I always think takeaway could be seen a medicinal – after all its whats your body is craving for to make you feel better!

  2. queeneileen permalink
    December 4, 2010 12:40 am

    that there, the combo you had, is my FAVOURITEST from Dominos. And I scarf a medium all to my ownsome.

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