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Thinking Slimmer

December 3, 2010

Anyone who has read my blog or known me in the last few years knows that I have weight issues. I’ve been dieting on and off for ten years, since I went a bit mental with curry and lager at uni and put on 4 stone in 4 years. Compounded by greed, a happy relationship and pregnancy I was pretty gross a couple of years ago. At my worst I was around 7 stone above my ideal weight (which I’ve said before so I’m not banging on about it again). Through breastfeeding a stone came off, with the Cambridge diet another 3  came off but I have been struggling to find a realistic diet that was affordable, doable and actually worked.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a post on British Mummy Bloggers about a new Harley Street hypotherapy ‘treatment’ called Thinking Slimmer. They were looking for volunteers to try it. Naturally I almost fell over trying to email back as quick as I could, explaining my problem. You see I can lose weight, I know I can. I did! I lost 3 stone drinking shakes and eating bars but as well as being expensive (£45 a week) Cambridge isn’t sustainable long term, not for me anyway. I am inherently greedy. I love food. I love eating food. I don’t stop eating food. I don’t need to be hungry to eat, in fact I rarely get hungry because I eat so bloody much! I knew I wouldn’t ever lose weight and keep it off if I didn’t address these issues. I was so thrilled when they asked me to trial the program!

Have a look at this…

Very cool! I have no experience of hypnotherapy so I went into this with an open mind not knowing what would happen. I opted for the ‘Lose two dress sizes or more’ Slimpod but there are others depending on how much weight you want to lose, if you are male or female, if you want to lose baby weight etc.  I have listened to it every night now for a week (it’s only 10 minutes long) and I have to say, I think it’s working! Don’t get me wrong, there haven’t been seismic shifts in my behaviour, I’m not desperate for salads and going for runs, hell I’ve had a McDonalds and chocolate! The differences have been subtle (which apparently is normal and will be reinforced over the next few weeks). Instead of having a large filet o fish meal with a double cheeseburger (ahem) I just had a burger with diet coke. Instead of a large bar of chocolate I’ve had a small bar. The biggest difference so far though is that I haven’t been thinking about food half as much. I’m involved in other things when I realise I’m hungry, or it’s lunchtime and I need to eat. This, for me, is a revelation! I feel (as cheesy as it sounds) almost free from my obsession. And I love that feeling. Plus, in a week I’ve lost 2.5 pounds. Again, not seismic but when I’m not even trying that’s impressive!

In addition to the Slimpod there is a success log, where you note down any difference in behaviour every day and record your feelings and goals. It’s tangiable evidence that things are going well. Thinking Slimmer also send you an email every day encouraging you to achieve your goals (which you set before you start listening to the Slimpods) and giving tips and support.

So, a week in – so far, so good! I have to listen to the Slimpod every night for 3 weeks then for as long as I need to (quite a while in my case as I need to get another 3 stone off). The key to the Slimpods is that you have to really want to lose weight. And I do, I really really do. I want so many things that I feel aren’t possible at the moment because of my weight (and I don’t just mean skinny jeans). People say I look great now after losing the first few stone but I have so much further to go. I’ll keep you updated on how I get on.

If you want to read more, have a look at the Thinking Slimmer website. I was genuinely surprised at the affordability of it. Compared with what you pay weekly at various weigh ins or what you pay for shakes/soups and bars this is definitely a great alternative.

I would love to hear from anyone else who is trialling this to see how they’re getting on too. Leave me comment or drop me an email please!

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