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Signature Soaps

December 10, 2010

I have found the most gorgeous shop which I am totally in love with and had to share – not in a sponsored post way, more of a ‘You must try these, they are heavenly’ kind of way.

I actually discovered them back in June at the Congleton Food & Drink Festival. They had a stall a couple up from my Dad’s cafe (Bread & Basil, please pop in if you’re ever in Cheshire!) and when I was allowed a break from handing out leaflets, selling chutneys and schmoozing customers I went and spent my hard earned spondoolicks (hard earned by my normal job, I don’t get paid in cash from my Dad, just in cheese & cake which is actually better!) I bought a few things, had a chat with the owner and that was that. Until I used their bath butter. Then I had to have more! The website wasn’t finished then (which is why I’ve waited to tell you about them until it was) but I remember the owner, Brian telling me he was doing the Bolton Food & Drinks Festival on the August Bank Holiday. I dutifully headed there on the first day, reintroduced myself to Brian (who probably thought I was a stalker) and stocked up on more stuff. Which is now running out, waaahh! Luckily they appear monthly at the Bolton Local Producers Market and will also be at the Bolton Christmas markets (15-19 December) so I will be buying them out!

Why am I telling you all this though? Well I’m not one to get very excited about bath stuff. I like nice smellies as much as the next girl but am sick of all the sickly sweet strawberry smells, or over exuberant minty freshness. I want something a bit different that will make me feel good as well as caring for my rather dry excema riddled skin (one minor bout of stress and I look like I’ve got some hideous scabby disease). As the blurb on the website goes:

‘We take pleasure in introducing you to our specialist range of luxurious handmade soaps, shower, bath and body care products. All these are handmade with the purest of ingredients and are, where possible, free of SLS, SLES and Parabens, to provide you with a product that is gentle, mild, moisturising and conditions your skin. Our ranges are made in small batches, in accordance with our Cosmetic Safety Assessments and fully meet all EU Regulations and Standards for the manufacture of cosmetic products.’

Sounds fab! But what really makes it stand apart from other shops isn’t just that it’s a local company (which we should all be supporting folks) but the different flavours the products come in. Basil, peppermint, bergamot and tomato anyone? Or maybe you would prefer my personal favourite – uplifting geranium, bergamot, lime & lavender? Oh yes, it smells as good as it sounds! Of course there are lots of other types, coconut, blackberry, patchouli and sweet orange to name but a few in the Foaming Bath Butter category. This stuff is amazing! It looks like normal body moisturising butter but foams up nicely into a body wash!

For those of you with a thing about soap (this runs in our family, my sister, my mum, my Grandma and I all love buying soaps. When we were in Australia last year we found a soap manufacturers at St Margaret’s River and spent a bloody fortune!) there are loads of varieties. Olive oil soap, cold pressed, SLS free, glycerin all with their own unique scent. I’ve got a cucumber one and lime, bergamot, rosemary and patchouli. These are definitely going on my list of presents to buy people this year! I think I need a couple more too – cinnamon and sweet orange for over the festive period is a must!

Please do go and have a look at their website. It’s quite new and they haven’t finished it yet but things are being added all the time. They also have a list of upcoming events so if you are in the North West you can pop along and see them yourselves.

As I said before this isn’t a sponsored post, I do just totally adore their products and wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

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