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100 book challenge 41 – 50

December 21, 2010

As you can see I’m doubling up to 10 books per post. Hopefully I can finish blogging this challenge by the end of the year! However it may be ironic that I don’t finish the challenge because I’m spending so bloody long blogging about the damn books! I should have done as I went along admittedly. These 10 are from July! They’re my holiday reads in the main so that’s why there’s more slush than normal.

41. Louise Bagshawe – Desire

You can’t go on holiday with a Louise Bagshawe book! A bit of a wet weekend leading lady but still enough of an international romp to keep me interested & entertained. A touch disappointing but who wants a hard read on their jollies?

42. Adam Ant – Stand and Deliver

I love Adam Ant! I’ve had a major crush on him for years which admittedly was nearly knocked out of me when I saw he was bald but in my head he always looks like the beautiful made up man from the Prince Charming video. *sigh* Imagine my disappointment then when I realised he was such an up-his-own-arse knobber! I know autobiographies are meant to be self promoting and self indulgant but this went a bit far even for a big fan like me. At the end of it I just thought he was a right cock. Though a fit one. He did not endear himself to me at all! He genuinely believes he is one of the most incredible music makers ever. Now, he was good in the 80’s and I love his work but he’s not exactly the Shakespeare of lyricism now is he? Pretty though.

43. Lucy Mangan – The Reluctant Bride

It’s been over 3 years since I got married but I still vividly recall some nightmareish moments during the planning. I thank god though that I didn’t have the issues Lucy did! From what I can gather it’s a true story by a columnist from the Guardian. I might actually start buying it now, she’s that good. This made me laugh out loud so many times I lost count. I loved it. Totally recommended to anyone even if you aren’t getting married any time soon.

44. Isabel Allende – Forest of the Pygmies

Allende’s books came highly recommended to me by a couple of people so I thought I’d try one. I only realised I picked up the third in a children’s trilogy after I’d finished reading it. It explained a lot. This bored the crap out of me. I finished it – that was the best part.

45. Zoe McCarthy – My boyfriend is a twat.

I love this blog but haven’t been reading it very long so when I came across the book in the library I grabbed it! Great book, easy to read and very funny.

46. Jane Green – The Love Verb

I thought Jane Green was going down a hill a little of late but this book must be the reason why – she must have been pouring all her energy into this. What a gorgeous book! Beautifully written, heartfelt and based on a true story. I bawled my eyes out then went to buy it (I had the library book) so I could read it all over again. Just lovely.

47. Isobella Jade – Almost 5′ 4

An interesting book about the author’s need and journey to be a model. She’s ends up being a topless model and is rejected  by her family. I really enjoyed this – a bit of a departure from my normal stuff!

48. Jackie Collins – Lovers & Players.

I don’t have to write anything about this book. We all know what Jackie Collins books are about!

49. Harriet Evans – I remember you

The first Harriet Evans book I’ve read and I rather liked it. A bit predictable – you know who the heroine will end up with but interesting enough along the way. It didn’t set my world on fire but I will be trying her books again.

50. Frank Skinner – Frank Skinner

I do like autobiographies, especially of comedians but I do think there’s an awful lot of pressure on them to be funny. Frank manages it in parts but really, you don’t read an autobiography for the laughs. He’s had an interesting life & I enjoyed this very much.

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