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For Helen

December 27, 2010

When you have family living abroad this time of year is
harder than most. We saw my sister, her husband and the huge 23
week baby bump on Skype on Christmas Day and I don’t care what
anyone says, it was that and not the hot honey spiced cider that
made me sob uncontrollably. She looks bloody fantastic, all slim
face and baby bump, quite the opposite of when I was pregnant.

WhatI wanted to say really was that I love my sister very much and miss
her loads. Christmas is very special to my family and as much as we
enjoy it now, a little bit of us is thinking of Helen all the time.

Have you seen this advert? It’s been around for a bit now but I’ve
just found myself sobbing to it, thinking of Helen, Antony and baby
Frickle. If you do come home next year I’ll try to do this for you.
It’s the ‘welcome home’ bit that gets me every time.

Love and miss you loads kiddo. xxx

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