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100 book challenge – the last 50

December 30, 2010

I did it!! I read 102 books during 2010 and I am so thrilled. It wasn’t easy, despite my love of reading and the uncomfortable feeling I get when I don’t have a book on the go. I was heavily delayed by exams in January and then 5 months of writing a 10,000 word dissertation for my post grad diploma.  Then there was blogging distracting me, not to mention the full time job, toddler, husband house etc etc. At the start of November I still had 27 books to go but playing around with what I read, a few Katie Price rather than Dostoyevsky and I smashed the target.

I’ve only blogged about 50 of the books so far and don’t want this dragging into 2011 as I start a new reading challenge on 1st January (more about that in the new year) so here we have a list of the final 52 books that took me over target. I know this is boring so I am sorry but I need to get it done to clear my mind! (I can’t get the numbers to start at 50 but I promise these are numbers 50 – 102).

P.S.  I would like to point out that I also read 22 cook books and numerous kids books but I thought that was cheating so I haven’t included those.

  1. Jane Fallon – Got you back
  2. Nick Middleton  – Extreme along the Silk Road. Adventures on the world’s oldest super highway.
  3. Christopher Lloyd – What on Earth evolved…in brief. 100 species that changed the world.
  4. Siobhan Freeguard – How to be a happy mum. The Netmums’ Guide to stress free family life
  5. Nancy Friday – Women on Top
  6. Grace Saunders – The Fabulous Mum’s Handbook
  7. Julian Barnes – The Pedant in the Kitchen
  8. Miss S – Confessions of a Working Girl
  9. Mark Billingham – Buried
  10. Dan Brown – The Lost Word
  11. Seb Hunter – How to be a better person
  12. Mark Billingham – In the dark
  13. Miss S – Extra Confessions of a Working Girl
  14. Bill Bryson – Shakespeare
  15. Jenny Colgan – The Good, The Bad and The Dumped
  16. Francesca Newley – Maternity. Real stores of motherhood.
  17. Living with Mother, right to the end
  18. Jeffrey Deaver – The Sleeping Doll
  19. Jeffrey Deaver – The Broken Window
  20. Sophie Kinsella – Mini Shopaholic
  21. Jeffrey Deaver – The Burning Wire
  22. Sam Delaney – Night of the Living Dad
  23. Jeffrey Deaver – The Bodies Left Behind
  24. Jeffrey Deaver – Roadside Crosses
  25. Kathy Reichs – bones to ashes
  26. Audrey Niffenegger – Her Fearful Symmetry
  27. Lee Child – Worth Dying For
  28. James Patterson – Double Cross
  29. Karin Slaughter – Broken
  30. Tasmina Perry – Gold Diggers
  31. Kathy Reichs – 206 bones
  32. Matthew Reilly – Temple
  33. Harlan Coben – Long Lost
  34. Michael Connelly – The Brass Verdict
  35. Tasmina Perry – Original Sin
  36. Tilly Bagshawe – Scandalous
  37. Josie Dew– A Ride in the Neon Sun. A Gaijin in Japan.
  38. Tasmina Perry – Daddy’s Girls
  39. Katie Price – angel uncovered
  40. Katie Price – Paradise
  41. Karin Slaughter – genesis
  42. James Patterson – I, Alex Cross
  43. Matthew Reilly – Seven Ancient Wonders
  44. Matthew Reilly – The Six Sacred Stones
  45. James Patterson – Sam’s Letters to Jennifer
  46. Elisabeth Hyde – The Abortionist’s Daughter
  47. Matthew Reilly – Area 7
  48. Matthew Reilly – The Five Greatest Warriors
  49. Lindsey Kelk – I  heart Paris
  50. Holly McQueen – Confetti Confidential
  51. Bill Bryson – Notes from a Big Country
  52. Adam Nevill – Apartment 16
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  1. December 30, 2010 11:42 pm

    Wow. You must feel quite happy having done what you set out to do. Hurray!

    • notsuchayummymummy permalink*
      December 31, 2010 3:25 pm

      I am SO thrilled! Bring on next year!

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