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Thinking Slimmer – The Final Verdict!

January 28, 2011

Just before Christmas I blogged about trialling the Thinking Slimmer hypnotherapy weight loss podcasts. Having now finished the 3 week trial I can rave about them properly!

I am a convert to these Slimpods. For the first time, possible ever, I didn’t obsess about food. It wasn’t what I thought about or talked about, it wasn’t on my mind all the live long day. It was genuinely a revelation. I ate breakfast (just a bowl of cereal) at the normal time and before I knew it it was lunchtime. Usually I am looking for something to snack on around 10am, 11am before diving off to the kitchen or shop at 12 noon precisely.  The fact that this disappeared overnight was amazing.

Every night I completed my personal handbook, saying what differences I had noticed that day, what behaviours had changed and documenting my feelings. This was really important to me – it helped me to stay motivated. I could see how far I was coming and how much I was changing my habits.

I listened to the 10 minute Slimpod every night before I went to bed. Most of the time I did properly listen to it but sometimes my mind did wander to other things. It does say that’s ok though . Somethings made me giggle ‘All the parts of your body are where you want them’ They kind of already are. ‘Food no longer matters the way it used to’ ‘There is life to get on with’.  This really resonated with me. I find myself being held back by the way I see myself. I won’t allow myself to do things I want in case people look at me & comment on my weight. I’m not even ridiculously fat – just a fairly normal size 16-18 but I am not happy or confident. Last year I made excuses t=not to go to Cybermummy because I was too scared (I’m not sure what of though!). This year I have started off felling better about myself, feeling more confident. Although I actually can’t go to Cybermummy 2011 anymore (my flights from Australia have been changed so I don’t arrive back in the UK until  Thursday morning & I have a feeling the jetlag will be bad & I will want to spend time with Craig and Sam) I did accept an invitation from Kelloggs to go to an event they were running (more on that soon).  Life is too short to worry about weight. It’s too short to sit for hours fantasizing about McDonalds and curries. I enjoy cooking and this wasn’t taken away from me, it just wasn’t on my mind 24/7.

I lost 5lbs in the 3 weeks but weight loss can be variable, some people have lost up to 18lbs!

I stupidly stopped using the Slimpod over Christmas but have started again this week. 3 days in and I am noticing the differences all over again. I can happily eat cereal for breakfast and lunch (I’m following the Special K diet)  and not obsess about what else I would like to eat.

After years of dieting – Weightwatchers, Slimming World, low carb, no carb, Blood Type, Cambridge, Slimfast, calorie counting, fat counting, low GI etc etc – I have finally found something that works. This address my issues with food, my greediness that makes me want to eat even when I’m not hungry. It helps me lose weight without gimmicks and I will be using it going forward as I finally shed that last 3 stone this year.

I was sent a Slimpod to review by Thinking Slimmer. They usually retail at £24.99 (5 weeks membership to Weightwatchers or 4 days food from Cambridge) and is yours to keep along with the handbook. There’s also lots more information (and a variety of  different Slimpods suited to all people) on the Thinking Slimmer website.  These views are my own & I wasn’t paid by anyone to say them. After all the diets I’ve tried I don’t have an issue in saying what works & what doesn’t 😉

Have a look here to see how other bloggers got on!

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  1. January 28, 2011 5:40 pm

    That sounds brilliant – off for a quick look but what a great idea

  2. amylane permalink
    January 31, 2011 1:27 pm

    Sounds really interesting. I need to stop obsessing about food so I might look into this 🙂


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