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A visit to Kelloggs Towers – Snap, Crackle & Blog

February 22, 2011
Last month I was very kindly invited to Kelloggs Towers along with 13 other mummy bloggers. To say I was excited about this would be an understatement! I’m a big fan of cereal, often eating it 3 times a day and I was very interested to see what happens behind the scenes.

I have never been to a blogging event before, I’ve turned things down because I was a bit too scared to go, being confident around people I know isn’t one of my strong points but I am so glad I did. They treated us amazingly well – a fabulous crèche for the little ones (poor Sam was too ill to go & I was gutted because he would have adored it), the best lunch I have ever scene (sod the diet, I had thirds!), really nice people talking to us, including the MD for the UK Greg Pearson, and even a visit from Tony the Tiger and Coco the Monkey. I showed enormous restraint not running over to them for a photo!

Greg Pearson. Not Tony or Coco 😉

As well as fun things – making our own cereal and ceral boxes I actually learnt some really interesting information. Did you know that Kelloggs have approx 40% of the cereal market? Special K is their biggest seller (I am possibly the biggest buyer). Children should drink semi skimmed milk from aged 2. Apparently this is well known. Whoops. Kelloggs are working to reduce salt and sugar without reducing taste (so far they’ve removed about 50%). Marketing departments don’t talk about dieting – they call it shape management. I am so going to use that phrase. Right now I’m managing my shape into a kind of butternut squash-a-like.

Their nutritionist Sara was really lovely and helpful.

I wanted to know about low GI as opposed to low cal diets – Sara made me think a bit and said why not just eat a balanced diet? Erm…it’s the simple things I often struggle with most! I’m so conditioned to look for fad diets that I actually forget I’m just supposed to eat sensibly. This Eatwell plate she showed us has been stuck onto my kitchen wall to remind me not to deny myself carbs, eat plenty of fruit and veg, and it’s ok to have a treat. Like I said, the simple things.

One thing I found quite upsetting was that 1.7 million children between 0-5 skip breakfast. How? At that age it can only be because their parents aren’t offering it to them? I would feel disgusted with myself if I didn’t give Sam something before playgroup. The poor kid would be starving. And we’ve all seen the reports that hungry children don’t learn or pay attention as well as those who have had a decent breakfast. Now Sam can be a pain at breakfast time (when he’s with me, when he’s with his Nanna or Grandma he’s a-ok, the sod) so I do find myself giving him anything he’ll eat. Which is usually Jaffa cakes and/or toast and a banana. I know it’s not great but I didn’t really consider anything else and thought it was at least vaguely healthy (not the Jaffa cakes, I’m not that delusional). Kelloggs did make me consider cereal more. I baby Sam too much and forget that he’s 2.5 now and can wield a spoon pretty well. We were given a free sample of the new cereal Choc n Roll and Sam loved it. I’m not saying he’s great at eating breakfast now. He still messes around and demands Jaffa cakes but at least I know he’s getting some of his vitamins & minerals. I am that paranoid mother who gave her child formula until 3 months ago because they told me he’s get all his vitamins from that. At least I knew if he was having a bad food day (refusing to eat anything but spaghetti hoops & meat pies) he was getting goodness from somewhere. I know, shoot me.  So Sam gets something chocolatey which he is guaranteed to eat, and I am pretty ok with that because he’s getting plenty of iron (cereal is the number one source of iron now which is needed for brain development).

In addition to the baby stats I was shocked to find out that 3.7 million 6-16 year old skip breakfast too. Directly related to the £646 million spent in a school year on sweets, crisps & fizzy drinks to eat on the way to school? Oh yes. I have to admit I was one of those teens who left the breakfast my parents has laid out for me and went to the shop. I’m genuinely not sure if I’d do that anymore now that we have cereal bars which are so convenient. I have a feeling they’ll be a life saver when Sam’s older.

All in all I had the best day at Kelloggs. The other bloggers I met did not bite, were very lovely and didn’t mind when I got their blogs wrong, despite reading them (sorry Claire!). For a list of all the posts relating to Kelloggs click here. You know I’m the last one because I’m so rubbish. Also, did you see this picture?

Yes, me on a cereal box! Beyond cool….

Thanks Kelloggs!

Tasting cornflakes

Looking stunning in hair nets!

Giving Greg a grilling


All the lovely ladies

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  1. February 22, 2011 10:35 pm

    That sounds like such fun!! I love my cereal too. I’m shocked by those stats – I just wouldn’t consider letting the girls out without their bowls of cereal (Daisy loves Special K and Poppy loves Stars.) And I’m partial to a bowl or three at that peckish time of day during the kids teatime. Tell Kelloggs to come to Ireland and I’ll come visit!!

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