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Learning through play – Skittles!

March 30, 2011

This one gweeeeeen Mummy

Sam loves bowling. Loves it, loves it, loves it. he has just mastered how to play it on the Wii which Craig & I are thrilled about. For the last few months we have had to sit behind him bowling whilst he randomly throw his control about thinking he’s doing it. Not too bad once in a while but as Sam wants to play bowling every day for hours at a time it’s been rather wearing!

All this bowling has led him to discover his skittles set we we bought last year. As soon as he gets up or gets in he heads straight over the skittles and ‘stacks them up’. This is brilliant! We’ve so far learnt colours (What colour is this skittle Sam?), shapes (let’s stack them up in a circle this time) and numbers (good shot, how many did you knock over this time?) It has encouraged him so much, to the point where he now tests us.

Mummy, what colour is this one?

Is it red?

Yes Mummy, well done, good boy.

Craig and I are patting ourselves on the back quite a lot at the moment – we just educated out child! Through play!! Do we get some sort of award? We rock this parenthood lark! What, 2 years old shouldn’t play on the Wii? Oh. Sorry.

This is for the Tots 100 Blog Hop.

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