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Two visit a farm. And eat nutella. Nom.

April 14, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before I don’t get many opportunities to spend much one to one time with Sam so when nutella invited us to Stockley Farm I jumped at the chance! Sam has been to Stockley Farm before with my Mum & Grandma and loved it. I love nutella & spending time with Sam so really it was a no brainer 🙂

When I was younger we used to go caravanning (is that a word)  in France every year. Always to a different camp site in a different region. The Alsace, Vendee, Dordogne, Brittany. I loved it. I loved the fresh mussels, the bouillabaisse, the Orangina but most of all I loved the fresh croissants from the boulangerie absolutely covered with nutella. 20/25 ago it wasn’t available in the UK (or at least that’s what my parents told me 😉 ) so we brought jars & jars of the stuff back which was then rationed out to my sister and I bit by bit. The wonderful day I discovered a jar and ate the whole thing with a spoon is still clear in my mind!

One of the things that interested me about our day with nutella was learning how to use it in a healthy way, rather than just shovelling it into my gob with a spoon or eating it on toast as I normally do. We made a smoothie with fruit which was lovely but to be honest if I’m eating nutella I want to be able to taste it.

Sam loves smoothies

The best was a whole wheat tortilla drowned slightly smeared with nutella with a  whole banana wrapped in it. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve had this at home a couple of times but added some chopped hazelnuts to it as well. When I made it for Sam I added a line of blueberries next to the banana. Messy but fun!

Nutella also brought experts in to discuss nutrition with us which for me especially was really useful. I got some good advice on how to get Sam interested in different types of food and cooking in general. Thanks to encouragement from the experts and Jen we’re now embarking on a pretty good baking regime! We’re taking their advice of a balanced diet with a little something of what we fancy when we fancy it. Some people perceive nutella as being a bad thing, and if eaten in large quantities it’s isn’t healthy. However, a portion of  nutella on toast with fruit and juice is a balanced meal and totally delicious.

Stockley Farm in general was a real treat. My mum had taken Sam there before but I hadn’t been so I didn’t know what to expect. It was fab. There was face painting:

Arrrr....Sam be a pirate

Loads of animals for Sam to look at:


 a sand pit he loved:

WITH DIGGERS! This was SO exciting!

and a bouncy castle!

A park:

Let’s not forget the all important tractor ride that just blew him away. 

We had wonderful day together and Sam was made to feel very special with his pirate face paints and exclusive access to the farm. I really can’t thank nutella enough –  Sam still talks about the day he rode on the tractor and shouted ‘faster, faster’ at the driver. Also to be invited to an event by a favourite product of mine was a big thrill!

Interesting things I learnt:

Sam is not self conscious at all. He will happily dance with no music on in a room full of strangers. I think this is cute & funny. Other people didn’t seem to think so.

Nutella is a hazelnut spread, not a chocolate spread as many people think

Sam likes girls. Amy’s girls especially.

Loving having a dance with the girls!

Sam doesn’t like a big room full if other children so the crèche was out.

PR guys make great babysitters when mums are trying to listen to interesting people (thanks!!)

Flea, Mini & Maxi move as quick as lightning when theirs Mum’s backs are turned and there’s an open tub of nutella around.

I can eat nutella forever and never feel sick.

A portion of nutella on toast actually has less fat & sugar than butter & jam.

Sam loves tractors more than anything in the whole wide world.

Sam is so much fun to spend time with.


All that fun was a bit too much for Sam in the end. I counted to 15 (I’m not even joking – it was that fast) driving out of the farm and turned around to see this:


I was not paid to write this however we did receive 2 jars of nutella, a funky mug & spoon and a day out. The opinions above are mine and I was not asked to write anything.

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