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May 9, 2011

Hello! Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything proper here. As you can see I’m tending to upload a whole lot of photos instead. The reason why? I’m knitting like a loon. The reason for that:

Meet my gorgeous new nephew Riley Antony Fricker. My very clever sister Helen gave birth last Sunday after a surprisingly quick induction. He was just 6 days late but was already wrinkly and peeling bless him. He spent his  first day in special care because he was grunting a bit but was back with my sister soon enough.

They spent a few days in hospital but are both home now with breast feeding fully established (I’m so proud of her for keeping going through those first few tough days!)

Funnily enough as he was born at 4.13am our time my Mum flew out there at 2pm so she is with them and helping out. Today is Ant’s first day back at work so I think my sister will be glad to have her there!

I am so thrilled for them. Helen has always wanted to be a mum & she’s already doing a fantastic job. Riley is utterly gorgeous and I just adore the name! We were a bit worried what she’s call him (she’ll kill me for saying this) as she did have some, err, unusual shall we say suggestions but it was alright in the end. Riley is one of my favourite names & we nearly used it for Sam! Great minds & all that!

I’ve already sent out loads of gorgeous little things for him & am just about to take delivery of some bibs from Louise at Sew Scrumptious and a gorgeous dungarees outfit and shark t-shirt from Little Ones Clothing.  It’s times like this when I’m so glad I blog. I’ve found some beautiful things that no one else will have bought because I’ve ‘met’ and connected with new people and products. I’ really hope my sister likes them! I’ll post pics of Riley in them as I get them.

My mum’s been great – emailing pics almost every day so I do feel more involved, and less on the other side of the world than I thought I would. Obviously it’s going to be hard not seeing Riley and my sister as much as I’d like – I’d quite like to pass on some of my ‘mummy’ knowledge – even if she didn’t ask for it 😉 but we have Skype & regular phone calls so we’ll have to make the best of it.  It’s only 4 weeks until I fly out there anyway so I’m focused on that. I can’t wait!

Sam is very excited to have a new cousin. He keeps saying he has ‘2 babies now – Baby Yak (Jack) & Baby Wiley (Riley)’. So cute! He spoke to Helen on Saturday & she asked where his Grandma was ‘Mum-ma in Australia seeing you and baby Wiley Annie Heyen (Auntie Helen)’. I do not give him enough credit. I really wasn’t sure he’d understand where my Mum was but he does! It makes it a bit easier I hope for when I’m away – at least he’ll know where I am.

So, that’s where I’ve been. Knitting what appears to be the world’s biggest blanket for Riley. 2 months in & I think I’m about half way there. Next time I’m sticking to a bloody hat. This cot blanket is ridiculous. Excuse me for a few more weeks whilst I finish it won’t you.

Proud DaddyProud Mummy

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  1. May 9, 2011 2:59 pm

    He is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the name too. Thanks for the mention re my bibs. I really hope he likes them. I would love to see a photo of him in one! Want to see your blanket too!! Very impressed that you are knitting a blanket. I made my daughter a knitted hat once and that was the end of my knitting career. It takes too long! x

  2. May 10, 2011 1:10 pm

    aw sooo cute, I love it when the daddy’s hold them

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