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Boogy boy

June 3, 2011

I head off to Australia to see my sister & baby Riley on Tuesday so I’m running about like a headless chicken making sure I’ve got everything I need to take and I’ve left everything I need for Craig and Sam. All the babysitting is sorted, our families are helping out loads so thank you very, very much for that! I’ve got new clothes, a big cardi for the airplane and some books. I’m fully insured and I have new bottles for Riley. I don’t however have any currency, a suitcase or some new pjs. I also don’t have the stupid number of cards that need to be sent whilst I’m away – everyone has a bloody birthday in June!

So, excuse me if I’ve been lax on the blogging/commenting side of things this week! I’ve got so many posts half written – including how Sam has given up his dodo (!), how potty training is going (let’s just say it’s a good job we have a brown carpet), whether I quit smoking or not and putting on a shit load of weight and how I’m about to lose it (or not as the case may be).

Hopefully I’ll get chance to catch up with my posts whilst I’m away but I am intending long walks on the beach with my newest nephew, some pj days with my lil’ sis (hence the need for new pjs) and the odd night out on the piss (us Bailey sister know how to have a good time 🙂 ). I’m taking my lovely handwritten cookbook of my favourite recipes with me, including those for jam  – I intend to leave their cupboards and freezer well stocked. With all these plans (well I need to keep busy to stop me missing my gorgeous boys like mad!) I may not actually have time to blog. If I don’t have chance to post again before I go then I’ll see you when I get back.


In the meantime, here’s Sam strutting his funky stuff. In his underpants. To McFly. He is so camp…. (note his lip synching – better than Britney).


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