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The New You Plan – Week 1 Weigh In

July 11, 2011

 Well, I survived my first week! It wasn’t as hard as I expected to be honest. Seeing those pictures of me last week really cemented my will power. I felt very positive going into it which I think helped getting into ketosis.

Another thing that helped was that the shakes, bars and soups are surprisingly tasty. Like so tasty I would actually choose them to eat rather than eat them as a diet food! The only one that I haven’t been keen on is strawberry but New You give you the option of returning them and getting ones you do like which is fantastic! The chocolate shakes tastes of real dark chocolate and the chicken soup is really creamy and herby. I was incredibly worried that I wouldn’t like the food and would have to endure horrible tasting shakes for the foreseeable future but happily, I can revel in my chocolate truffle bars and vanilla shakes (which taste like ice cream).

So, want to know what I lost? I have to say before I tell you my current weight you should know that it is that time of the month & I normally gain 4-5 pounds so I think had it been a different week I could have lost more. However,  saying that I am thrilled to say that I lost

8.5 pounds!!!!!!

In a week! I am over the moon! I am still heifer-esque though so you can’t really tell yet. I think another half a stone and you may be able to see it. I’ve decided to take photos every fortnight so you can actually see me losing the weight – weekly seems excessive & there probably wouldn’t be much difference.

Now I’ve started the diet I’ve decided to set myself goals, getting a little reward  whenever I lose 10lbs. It gives me something to look forward to and it’s a great excuse to get some gorgeous things I’ve wanted for ages but haven’t been able to justify buying!

10lbs – Something from Caroline Rose Art. I’ve already got a necklace & postcards but I fancy a piece of artwork for my bedroom. Or an owl. Or a giraffe. I can’t decide!

20lbs – a notebook from fionaT. Again I can’t decide which one but I think it’ll be a blue zombie. I may have to have a zombie rabbit bookmark too. J’adore!

30lbs – Cath Kidson knitting bag. I don’t have a proper knitting bag at the moment and  I really need something. I have knitting needles and wool lying around everywhere. You didn’t know I knitted? Hell yes, I’m even considering opening a Folksy shop! More on that soon 🙂

I’ve haven’t decided what I want for 40-70lbs but I’ve got a while before I decide. I’m guessing shoes!

So, onwards to the second week. I’ve a couple of obstacles this week. Tomorrow I’m in meetings at another office and lunch is provided. I’m going to have to be super disciplined and not touch it. I like to have a meal in the evening so I don’t want to ruin it by eating at lunch instead. Then on Saturday Craig & I are going watching Harry Potter (yay!!) and having a few drinks. We were going to eat out too but have decided to eat at home so I can keep on track. I will be having a couple cheeky vodka & diet cokes though but again have to be careful not to go overboard. Sparkling water in between should help that though.

I’m really hoping for a decent number again next week. The water retention should have gone and I would love to get below 15 stone (and get my first reward!). Every time you pass a stone it’s such a great psychological boost. Wish me luck!



Amount lost

Amount to go



15st 12lbs





15st 3.5lbs




Disclosure: The New You Plan have sent me their products free of charge however all opinions are my own and I am not being paid to write about them. Pop along & say hi to them at The New You Plan on Facebook & twitter and take a look at their website for more information.

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  1. Rachel permalink
    November 9, 2011 12:36 am

    Very impressive, go girl!

  2. Rachel permalink
    November 9, 2011 12:40 am

    I wish I could get that incentive to loose 2 stone. I gave birth to my 4th and final child 8 weeks ago, now I have lost the weight I actually put on during pregnancy but not the extra weight I was carrying before I got pregnant. I see pictures of myself (which I try and avoid) and I get soooo depressed and horrified but still am what I am. Any advice?

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