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Swimmer Sam

July 14, 2011

My skinny boy ready to go!

Sam went to his first official swimming lesson on Saturday. He’s actually been taken swimming since he was 6 weeks old but we decided it was time for some proper structure.

I used to love swimming – I swam for my school, Royton & Oldham (where I grew up) but stopped when I was about 15 when I developed a ridiculous phobia of sharks and couldn’t go in the deep end anymore. I wish I was joking about this. I’m really not. After years of not being able to swim at all I can now go in the baby pool or shallow end (on occasion I have been known to go to Aquaerobics) but I can’t go anywhere near the deep end. Or the sea. I’m gutted. My parents used to call me the Water Baby as I was never out of the pool or sea when we were away. I’ve got loads of swimming medals at home that people don’t believe I won!

Anyway, I wanted to instill in Sam the same love of water I had when I was growing up, even if it did go ridiculously long years later. We specifically chose the Starfish School of Swimming because it’s run by a friend of the family I used to compete with years ago. Friends of the family work for her, both teaching and doing admin so although it is further away than I’d like to travel I know that Sam will be taken care of.

He was very excited about his first day at swimming school and happily went off with the instructor. Like most children he kept stopping what he was doing to turn and wave at my mum & me who were watching him. I think next time we’ll sit out of sight so he concentrates on what he’s doing! He wouldn’t put his face in the water to blow bubbles and point-blank refused to lie his head back in the water but it’s something we’re working on at home so hopefully he’ll be fine with it soon. I had to remind myself that he was the youngest there too so he won’t be doing everything the other children were doing straight away. He mustn’t have done too badly though: he got this!

Star of the Week!

He came running out, so thrilled shouting ‘Look mummy, I’m a winner!’

I was so proud! Let’s hope next week goes just as well.

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