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Week 2 – The New You Plan diet

July 19, 2011

*This post was written yesterday but not posted due to a brain crushing migraine & nausea*

I’m a bit annoyed today. I’ve been doing so well at remembering my shakes, bars and hand held blender (which you need to mix the shakes) and I’ve forgotten the lot today. I overslept and have run out of the house without even my purse so I can’t buy any lunch. Instead I’ve had to have cereal which is one of the worse things I can have. I totally expect to be out of ketosis by tomorrow and hungry again. Gutted. I’ll get back on the wagon tonight but I’m so annoyed at myself after having such a good week.

I went to a meeting at another site last week and resisted the sandwich and potato wedge lunch. I sat there with my choco banana-rama bar and bottle of water feeling virtuous! I may have slipped off the wagon on Saturday night a little. We went to see Harry Potter (amazing!) and celebrated the end of an era with a few drinks. My plan to stick to low carb vodka & diet coke didn’t go quite to plan as they only had blue WKD in the cinema (yes I like them even though I’m not 13) then my resolve crumbled & I went on Pimms at the pub.I managed to get some exercise with it though – I ran home dancing in the rain at 1am, jumping up and down in puddles.

I went out for a meal on Sunday for my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary but was quite restrained and stuck to proteins so as not to come out of ketosis (bit pointless looking back). I had a tandoori special from the best curry house in the world – Westwood East and it was bloody gorgeous! I would have loved a big plate of chickpea rice and a chapatti with it but resisted the urge.

So, you want to know how I got on? I’m pleased to say that the scales have gone the right way & I am currently:

15 stone exactly!

So a loss of 3.5lbs this week! I can’t really moan at that one! I do wish I hadn’t drank so much on Saturday night  – I could have done even better if I hadn’t have messed it up with sugary, calorific alcohol. I think this weekend will be tee total one. We have no plans anyway. We’re hiring a couple of films – The Lincoln Lawyer and Battle for L.A. so I’ll sit there being good with my daily treat of diet coke and distract myself with knitting. I WILL get under 15 stone by next week and possibly even hit that first stone marker.

Here are the stats:



Amount lost

Total amount lost

Amount to go



15st 12lbs






15st 3.5lbs






15 stone





In other news I have decided what I would like for my goal weight present. I fell in love with Get Cutie dresses after seeing them on twitter last year. I need one of these in my life and by hook or by crook I will get one! I’ll probably go for a short, cap sleeve dress (to show off my gorgeous arms!) in either Tweety chocolate, Clarice Cliff green or Russian doll fabric. I can’t wait!

As I’ve now lost my first 10lbs my treat is something from Caroline Rose Art. I’ve emailed her about a pendant of her artwork. I bought one a few weeks ago and adore it. I want a couple more now to match other outfits! Roll on the next 10lbs and a fionaT notebook 🙂

See you next week!

I think my hips look a bit smaller?

My tummy HAS to look smaller? Terrible pics - sorry!

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  1. Elaine Somers permalink
    November 21, 2014 11:14 am

    I’m iN the middle of week 2 and could cry this morning. I’ve lose 6 measly pounds and I’ve stuck to the plan with 2shakes, one dinner and one snack per day. The chocolate snack bars worry me as I can’t see how it’s protein, but I use them if I meet friends for lunch. They eat and I have a black tea and a snack. I’m sooooooo disappointed this morning.

    • November 21, 2014 12:09 pm

      Hi Elaine.
      I know it’s hard but look at how far you’ve come! Half a stone in just over a week?! It’s amazing! If you’re not sure about the snacks then contact them. I know I had a lot of support when I was doing the Plan & they are there to help & advise.
      Do you have a lot to lose? Are you finding it any easier now you’ve been doing it a few days? Keep drinking plenty of water & remember that being quite up & down emotionally is pretty normal in the first few weeks.
      You are doing great! x

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