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Weigh in delayed

July 25, 2011

I normally weigh in on a Monday to see how I’ve done that week on the New You Plan diet. Mondays are not a good day for me. I’m usually so busy at the weekends I don’t get time to do any washing or cleaning so Monday nights are my catch up night.  Blogging is way, way down on my list of things to do so it kind of makes sense to move my weigh in day to Thursday.

I like Thursdays – it’s a positive, nearly the end of the week kinda day and infinitiely more forgiving of a few drinks on Saturday night (I can’t fully give up alcohol, sorry!) I’ll have more time to blog, better pics and hopefully I’ll be far more relaxed on a Sunday night. The last few weeks have seen me run around like a headless chicken panicking about how I’m going to get a blog post written, edited and published as well as do everything else.

I feel so much better! Join me on Thursday to see how I went on this week (it’s ain’t been a good one, I’ll tell you that much).


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