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New You Plan weigh in – Week 6

August 18, 2011

Bad times people, bad times. I went out on Saturday with the girls. We had a ball of  a day – cocktails (Zinc), Prosecco (Harvey Nichols), cider (Wetherspoons), vodka (Printworks) then off home to an impromptu mini party on our back street after a load of trouble on the park behind our house and a visit from the police and a fire engine (can you guess at which point my lovely husband met me in Manchester & made me go budget?)

Funnily enough  after all that my will power was gone and I ended up eating some bread with oils & vinegar , sushi, a particularly lovely spicy prawn risotto and a lemon tart with raspberries. Oh no.

The next day I was stupidly hung-over (funnily enough) and made a huge sausage frittata with chorizo and chilli then had chicken tikka for tea. It was not my finest hour.

So come Monday morning I was wracked with guilt.  I’d buggered everything up. I was going to let everyone down – I had to fix it fast. So I decided (actually, maybe this wasn’t my finest hour) that I just wasn’t going to eat! Of course! Great idea! I would have a shake at lunchtime, one at tea time (if I was desperate) and the rest of the time I’d drink diet coke and green tea. I would hasten to point out that this is NOT the diet and not recommended by anyone. I just got a cob on and went a bit mental for a couple of days.

Unsurprisingly it all ended badly. After depriving myself for 2 days I was utterly ravenous, in a terrible mood and went on a bit of a carb rampage. Pasta, a big chunk of bread and butter, 2 slices of garlic bread, some cheese & mayo, an Aero mousse and a Wagon Wheel.  I was so upset with myself, I cried. Then I dusted myself down, chalked it up to experience and started anew yesterday.

I was dreading getting back on the scales this morning but luckily I don’t seem to have done too much damage – in fact I lost 1lb! I can feel it this week. My clothes are looser, as is my wedding ring. More people have commented and I am pleased at how I’m looking. I’ve got my shitty week over & done with, I don’t have any plans this weekend and I want to get to my 20lb loss so I can buy some lovely things from fionaT!

Wish me luck!

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