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Bank holiday BBQ recipe

August 28, 2011

I love bank holidays. They seem to consist of late nights, lots of alcohol and lazy mornings. This bank holiday is no different and I am a-ok with that! The diet is out of the window (bum), vast amounts of cider and wine have been consumed and I have the ingredients for a particularly delicious BBQ recipe in the fridge just begging for a dry day.

Tesco Real Food is running a Guys v Girls BBQ recipe competition. It’s a battle of the sexes with food and there’s a gas BBQ worth £250 to be won! The winning side is the one with the most likes so your vote counts!  

I’ve just entered my dish of Greek Lamb Kebabs (bloody gorgeous) and when it appears on the website I would love you to ‘like’ it for me and give me a chance of winning! There lots of lovely recipes that are just begging to be made. I think I’m going to give the BBQ peaches a go. How good do they sound?

Just in case the weather is nice tomorrow  & you have a BBQ here is a sneak peek of the recipe that I’ve submitted.

– Marinate cubes of lamb in 50ml olive oil, 30ml lemon juice, 2 tsps dried oregano & 2 bay leaves for a minimum of 4 hours (overnight would be good).

– Slide onto pre soaked bamboo sticks along with cherry tomatoes, quartered onions & peppers.

– Cook for 10-15 mins.

– Add some halloumi cubes 5 mins before the end.

– Add another squeeze of fresh lemon juice when cooked.

– Serve with rice.

Yum scrum!

 Don’t forget a big glass of wine to go with it – it’s a bank holiday after all!

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