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Faking it to make it – happy, happy, happy

September 5, 2011

I’ve really struggled this weekend. After last Thursday’s terrible day then a few other things that have happened over the weekend I’m feeling pretty dejected, rejected, left out and very let down. It’s not really me to wallow but I can’t see how not to right now. Also, I’m pretty sure I have PMT which doesn’t help.

I remember a course I went on about emotional intelligence which talked about confidence and how if you act confident, you will (more often than not) become confident. Well I’m taking that approach with being happy. If I act it, it will come.

On that note: making me happy this week are:

NEW BOOTS! Which have to be in capitals because it is so damn important. It’s unbelievably hard for me to find new boots. Despite my usual large pear shaped appearance I have strangely skinny legs and often struggle to find knee high boots that don’t gape. These are perfect. They’re the perfect heel height (who knew the Cuban heel was back?) and perfectly black (I already have brown). Even more perfectly they were over half price in the next sale. *sigh* It was meant to be….

Masterchef Australia – You all know by now that I am a major fan of all things Antipodean and this week I’m being well & truly indulged. The final of The Block is on, Jamie’s Kitchen Australia starts (tonight, 10pm, Good Food) and most importantly Gary, George & Matt are back for the 3rd series of Masterchef Australia on Watch. I did see 2 weeks of it whilst I was down under visiting my sister so I am super excited about seeing my favourites again but from the beginning. It was weeks 5 & 6 I saw so I don’t know who wins. My sister has been great at not telling me & after accidentally finding out who won series 2 before it started I have hidden the Masterchef Australia  fanpage from Facebook. Bring on the 6 episodes a week for the next 3 months!

 Craig & Sam – My boys just generally make me happy. Craig is being super supportive over the diet and is taking on way more of the housework than he should. Sam randomly tells me he loves me (and that he doesn’t like me & he isn’t talking to me but we’ll ignore that) and is getting his first proper single bed this week. He has a whole host of Lightning McQueen (Lightin the Queen as he calls it) bedding & accessories and I can’t wait to get it all sorted this weekend. Plus he’s back at playgroup this week & so will hopefully be tired at  the end of the day, rather than hyper running around until after 8pm.

 Yes – fake it til I make it. I don’t think it’ll be too long actually.

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