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The New You Plan September Challenge – 7 days in

September 8, 2011
 I watched that programme with Claire Richards from Steps last night – Slave to Food. I sympathised with her whole heartedly. I identified with everything she said. It could actually have been me talking. I also don’t stop eating when I’m full – if there’s some left I will eat and eat until I feel sick. I think about food all the time. I hide food from my husband so he doesn’t know what I’m eating. I’ll sometimes stop at Asda or McDonalds on the way to/from work and eat a secret full meal then have breakfast/tea in front of other people. Then I feel so bad about myself I can’t even look in the mirror. Then I diet. To the extreme.
Here I am doing my second meal replacement diet (the weight went back on from quitting smoking in the main). I do feel this time it’s different though. I’m recognising that I have an issue with food. I’m re-educating myself about easy meals with healthy food rather than pizza or the ubiquitous pile of pasta & sauce. I’ve managed to quit smoking, something I never thought I’d do so I can conquer my issues with food right? Hopefully.
I know what I’m like though. Given a diet like Weightwatchers, Slimming World etc I would just pig out. The New You Plan is giving me that opportunity to remove food from my diet so I can work on my relationship with food. I don’t even think I’ll be as thin as I was at college – who is? But I do feel I can be in the ‘normal’ category rather than being classed as obese.
I want this a lot. The main reason I’m doing this is because I want another baby but not a repeat of the terrible birth I had with Sam (emergency c section) that I firmly believe was due to my obesity & not quitting smoking before I got pregnant. So that is what this last 6/8 months has been geared up to. I’m well on my way to a healthy weight, the smoking has been dealt with so it won’t be long until I’m ready to think about having Mini Murphy #2. I need a natural birth this time. At least I need to have done everything to facilitate that. As long as I have done everything possible I will be satisfied, even if it does at go tits up at the end.
It’s good to remind myself why I’m doing this. I think watching Claire’s journey will really help me too. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one with an unhealthy relationship with food so it’s good to know I’m not alone – even if it’s a celebrity who I don’t actually know!
This week I’m stepping away from my usual goals. I am taking part in a challenge – losing 1 stone in September, so for the next few weeks I’ll be working on that. I’ll update my usual charts once I’m done.
Despite it being that time of the month I have still managed to lose a massive (for me) ….
I’m really thrilled! My trousers are now pretty loose on me & I think I’m about to go down a clothes size. About bloody time!! It always takes me quite a lot of weight to go down a size for some reason. My tummy is much flatter and even my wockachonga backside seems smaller. I’ll have to get some pictures up soon. You can really tell in my face too.
I’m super motivated for the next week – I’m going to aim for 4lbs. Wish me luck!!
LilySlim - (Uaat)

Disclosure: The New You Plan have sent me their products free of charge however all opinions are my own and I am not being paid to write about them.  

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