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I’m taking on the Healthy Mouth Mission!

September 9, 2011


This month Colgate are launching their 9th annual Oral Health Month where they aim to engage with and educate the British public on the importance of adopting a good oral care regime. They don’t have to tell me! I suffered through 9 years of orthodontic treatment and I’m now insistent on brushing and flossing every day to keep them nice. I didn’t go through all those years of braces, retainers and teeth removal just to let them decay!

It’s a bit worrying though that not everyone seems to be as bothered. Did you know that:

– Just 10% of adults in England & Wales have perfect oral health?

– More than a quarter of adults brush their teeth just once a day?

– Only 31% of adults use mouth wash?

– On average adults only change their toothbrushes every 7.5 months rather than the recommended every 3 months?

– Over 1/3 of adults don’t get regular dental check ups.

Now I have to admit I don’t use mouth wash. Craig does religiously but I can’t stand the taste. It’s usually too strong for me and burns my mouth. I will find some that I like though in order to take part in Colgate’s Healthy Mouth Mission. The challenges are:

–         Complete the Healthy Mouth Challenge

–         Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste

–         Replace your tooth brush regularly

–         Start using mouthwash daily

–         Book an appointment with your dentist.

I checked my toothpaste this morning. I’m currently using (coincidentally & not sent to me buy Colgate!)  Colgate’s MaxWhite One  (trying to repair the damage of 15 years of smoking!) & it has fluoride in it so that’s a tick. I bought new toothbrushes last week and I have an appointment with my dentist at the end of the month anyway (I go twice a year for check ups). Tick tick! I don’t always brush my teeth twice a day (I’m knackered by bedtime and sometimes just can’t be bothered!) but I will make the effort this month. I’ll have to persuade Craig to join in. He does the other things but hasn’t been to a dentist in years – it’s so hard to find one!

I’m really encouraging Sam to get into the habit of brushing his teeth regularly too. He used to love it and run off to brush his teeth 7 or 8 times a day but that enthusiasm has waned now and it can be a battle to get them done properly. My Grandma bought him an electric toothbrush for his birthday which he loves so it has got a bit easier now. He’s quite good with the dentist too. He has a book about Peppa Pig going to the dentist so we read that a few times and practice saying ‘Ahhhhh’ before we go. So far, so good. I hope the appointment at the end of the month goes well too.

This Sunday (11 Sept) we’ll all be going Manchester’s Arndale Centre to visit Colgate’s Oral Health Roadshow. There will be a pop up dentist to provide free advice (like GO TO THE DENTIST CRAIG) and sample packed goodie bags (my favourite kind!). The roadshow is open to everyone so maybe I’ll see you there!

I’m sure you’ll also want to know that by signing up to Colgate’s Healthy Mouth Mission you’ll be in with a chance of winning great weekly prizes worth over £2000 every week this month at Good luck!


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