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Visiting the Colgate Roadshow

September 19, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about September being Colgate’s Oral Health month and last Sunday we popped into Manchester to visit their roadshow (check their Facebook page to see when they’re in your neighbourhood). A very lovely hygienist (who’s name I’ve forgotten!) was on hand to answer our questions and didn’t seem phased at all when I kept firing more & more at her!

Top tips I found out were:

– never use mouthwash straight after brushing your teeth. The toothpaste provides valuable fluoride that the mouthwash washes away.

– children should have a fluoride ‘coating’ put on their teeth when they visit the dentist. I had never heard of this and Sam hasn’t had it before so I’ll definitely be asking for this next time.

–  There’s no getting around it – we all have to visit the dentist every 6 months.

She recommended I take the Healthy Mouth Challenge  to get an idea of how healthy my teeth & gums are. Not too shabby as it turns out. I do need to start flossing and brushing more than just once a day – no problem! BUT it also recommended I cut down on my beloved Diet Coke. HOW? I’ve brought it down to a 2/3 can a day habit, I can’t reduce it anymore!! So what I’m going to do is start using straws. Apparently this will reduce the enamel erosion on my teeth by helping the liquid bypass my teeth. I’ll give it a go! 

We were given lots of freebies – including my favourite things ever, reusable hessian type bags, Sam was an angel, giving the hygienist a big beaming ‘cheeeese’ to show off his lovely pearly whites and we managed to educate the lovely PR guy in what a mummy blogger is! He look rather bemused by it all but cheerfully enthusiastic! It was a good day and hopefully we’ll have healthier teeth & gums because of it!

There’s chances to win prizes every week on the Colgate YouTube channel .

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