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The last weigh in

October 13, 2011

I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago but things have just been manic & I haven’t had chance.

As you’ve probably guessed my New You Plan diet has ended. I found in the last few weeks the dedication the diet deserves just wasn’t there. I didn’t reach my goal weight (I was hoping to carry on for another month but it wasn’t to be) but I am proud with what I achieved.  In just under 3 months I managed to lose a total of 2 stone, 4 pounds or 32 pounds (which, if you ask me,  sounds much more impressive!) I also dropped 2 dress sizes and feel much more comfortable.

The New You Plan have a section on their website for reintroducing food into your diet which I have been following but now, I have moved on to good old fashioned calorie counting.

For various reasons I still need to lose weight but I now need to do it on a balanced diet. I’m using my Thinking Slimmer slimpod again and the My Fitness Pal app. I think I need friends on it though to keep me going! (notsuchayummymummy)  I’ve kept myself signed up to the New You Plan emails because they are so inspirational. I need to keep an eye on the prize (a gorgeous slinky dress for Christmas and size 14 jeans) and remind myself why I’m doing this. I also need to stop drinking cider!! It’s become a real downfall for me and I need to get back in the vodka diet coke mindset. Well actually I should probably give up alcohol altogether but let’s face it that ain’t going to happen!!

I have been wondering if there will ever be a time when I’m not dieting. I actually don’t think there will be. Hopefully the calorie counting will let me know how many calories I need to lose and the maintain my goal weight. If I ever get there.

I can’t thank Julie-Ann and Michael from The New You Plan enough for all their help and support (and the products!) over the last few months. A food replacement diet is the only diet  that has ever worked for me and I do feel a million times better. I only wish I had been able to stick to it for a bit longer but circumstances do change and it’s just not possible.

If you need to drop a stone for a special event or have a large amount of weight to lose then the New You Plan can help. It’s proven over and over again, as you can see from testimonials on their website and Facebook page. If you have any questions for them you can also get in touch with them on twitter. Trust me, they are very helpful and welcoming and will provide you with advice for any stage of your weight loss journey.

Once again, a massive thanks to everyone at The New You Plan. I feel, and look, fab!!

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