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Conversations with Sam

October 14, 2011

Me: Why are you taking off your shoes and socks?

Sam: Because my feet are beautiful.


Me: Why are you being so naughty?!

Sam: Because I’m so, so, so, so tired mummy…


Sam: Mummy – you stack up the skittles

Me: No, you do it.

Sam: No, you do it. It very, very, very important. I’ll be your best friend…


Sam: Right everybody, look at me. I do ballet. I a good girl.


(Puts a chef’s hat on, my high heels & holding my hand bag): Mummy, Daddy – call me Katie.


(Whilst watching the film Cars) I love Lightin The Queen ( Lightning McQueen for the uninitiated)


(Looking at the bird table in my parent’s back garden) It’s a bloody big wood pigeon that.


In Asda:

Me: What fruit would you like Sam?

Sam: Errr….wapples.


(Playing on his new bike)  This is my motorbike, it’s a Bean double woo. I put things in here (using the mudflap as a panier). Call me Gwandad Martin! (my dad has a BMW R1200GS Adventure motorbike that Sam fears & loves in equal measures!)


Me: Who’s your best friend Sam?

Sam: You and daddy and nana and gwandad Arthur and gwandma Margaret and gwandad Martin and GeeGee and Wiley (Riley)  and Yack (Jack) and Woo-wee (Louis) and Liv-ya (Olivia) and Ethan and my bike. Oh and Lightin The Queen.

(Waving at Craig out of the window as he goes to work) It’s fun waving at daddy. I think he likes me.

Me: How much do we love you?

Sam: Lots & lots like jelly tots!

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  1. October 14, 2011 6:57 pm

    i love him.

    • notsuchayummymummy permalink*
      November 1, 2011 9:26 am

      He’s pretty cool 🙂

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