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Imperial War Museum North

October 18, 2011

I spend Saturdays with Sam, my Mum & Grandma and we’re always looking for new things to do. There’s only so much shopping you can do with no money! The Imperial War Museum North invited us and some other bloggers to have a sneak preview of their half term activities last Saturday and we were more than happy to pop along.

After we’d mooched in the gift shop for 20 minutes or so (many of the replica items triggered memories for my Grandma who  was busy telling us stories of her life during the Second World War) we first headed for lunch – well you can’t enjoy anything on an empty stomach! We do love our lunches out and were most impressed by the quality and variety of meals. Even Sam ate everything in his ration bag (including cherry tomatoes, a yoghurt & a banana) so I was thrilled!

We had a mooch around the Main Exhibition Space which Sam loved

My Grandma saw a fire engine which was made at the factory she worked at during the war!

Some of the information there was a bit overwhelming for my Grandma so we didn’t look at everything, she was getting a bit upset so we headed down to the Learning Studio for Sam to play.

There are various activities on during half term based around The Ministry of Food.  Sam has the attention span of a rather excitable flea so spent about 20 seconds making a basket (which my Mum finished)…

and eating some tissue paper leeks…

before playing with toys then deciding he was tired and trying to have a nap…

He did however love meeting a nurse.

(My mum remembers wearing a cape like this when she first started her training many moons ago 🙂 )

I think the very lovely ladies in the Learning Studio ended up learning that little bit more as my Grandma waxed lyrical about powdered eggs, rationing and getting black market food from her local shop. It’s almost hard to believe that all this happened within living memory.

Sam’s favourite bit of the IWMN though was listening to Billy’s Story – a little rag doll who was evacuated to a smelly country farm! It was brilliantly interactive (Sam was on top form, rifling through the case of props, getting me to sit on the floor so he could have my chair with the grown ups, screeching etc), very interesting (for me as well as Sam!) and just thoroughly enjoyable.

I was so distracted by Sam and the story that I was oblivious to the fact that I was sat with Geek Mummy.  It’s almost laughable how unaware I am sometimes!!

We’d definitely recommend the Imperial War Museum North for a day out this half term. It’s free, fun, the lunches are great & all ages will enjoy it.

(Tip for parents – the war correspondent exhibition is fantastic & really interesting. Although it was slightly disturbing seeing Martin Bell get hit in the groin by shrapnel in Sarajevo).

Disclosure: no payment was received for this review. We were invited along to the museum (it’s free entry anyway) & offered a free lunch however I forgot to give my mum the voucher when she was paying. I am so rubbish….)

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  1. November 1, 2011 10:31 pm

    I had a feeling you must be another blogger, but wasn’t quite brave enough to come over and ask! Hopefully we’ll get another chance to meet up soon 🙂

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