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Nice nails need nurturing

December 12, 2011

So much for saying I was back again last week! A Close Knit Family has had 2 successful craft fairs the last couple of weeks & we’re been rushing to restock in between. We’re done now for Christmas so hopefully things will calm down now! I’ve barely had time to eat never mind anything else. Pampering is the first thing to go out of the window for me when I’m busy, hence my hair looks like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, my nails are broken and I haven’t shaved anything south of the border in a good month or so. My husband is a lucky, lucky man to have me *cough*.

 I wasn’t planning on doing anything about this right royal mess until after the bazaar until I was offered an express manicure and a cocktail at one of Manchester’s best hotels just 5 minutes walk from my office. How could I say no?!

The Finishing Touches Nail and Beauty Salon at the five star Radisson Edwardian Manchester are offering this express manicure  for just £18.50. For all us busy women who need to work, look after children, knit, craft or do all of the above it’s perfect as it takes just half an hour – 40 minutes. I was in, done and out well within my lunch hour and pootled back down the road to work with beautifully polished palest pink nails and a sense of calm. The lady who did my nails was lovely – recommending all kinds of colours but as my nails were in such a mess and she had to file them quite short I decided to stick with the neutral colour. If they’d have been longer I’d have gone for  a fabulous dark grey that would have looked amazing with my Christmas party dress. Incidentally she also told me that they do the semi permanent nail varnish gel thingy nails (I’m so technical about these things) in 40 minutes so I’ll be going back for them soon. They’d be great for the festive season.

I’d highly recommend this as a quick treat for yourself. If you work in Manchester or are coming in to do the shopping you can always grab half an hour out of a busy day to help you feel a million dollars. The Radisson is very near the Albert Sq Christmas markets so you can schedule half an hour of me time in the middle of your Christmas shopping. It’s your Christmas present to yourself! 😉

If you decide to make an evening of it, during the run up to Christmas on a Friday night you’ll also have access to a ‘beauty box’ full of products and a professional make up artist to  help you transform your look! The ‘Boutique Beauty Box’ is perfect for before a night out or just as a treat to yourself during the festive season. Oh and you can enoy a cheeky vino or cocktail while you’re there. 🙂 All for just £20!

If you’re looking to have your nails done for Christmas this is ideal. Enjoy!

*Disclosure blah blah stuff: I was offered a free manicure but was not obliged to blog & wasn’t told what to write. You know the drill…*

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