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My Christmas List

December 12, 2011

I’m not one of those people who are hard to buy for – oh no. I like pretty much any old tat! And I love, love, love vouchers! There are a few things that I’m coveting though this year. Feel free to buy me any of them!

1. Floral DMs from Schuh

I love these! I’ll wear them with leggings & dresses and channel my moody, angst ridden teen self. I’ll have to practice the right amount of apathy & disdain in my voice when talking to people…

2. Anything from Lemur Lady’s Awesome Emporium.

I bought a bloody gorgeous Russian doll back from Lemur Lady a few months ago & it’s my favouriteist of favourite things. I *heart* it! I hope the Bonehead phone case comes back in stock. I think I need it!

3. Zombie kitten wall art from fionaT

It’s no secret that I love fionaT’s stuff. I bought a zombie sheep pencil case/make up bag that I use for bits & bobs I always lose in my handbag. I love it. I also won a zombie lady notepad (that I carry EVERYWHERE but won’t use as I don’t ever want it to run out. I stick post-its in it instead. I should use it really as I want to buy more when it’s finished!) and zombie robin book mark (perfect Christmas gift!) plus a couple of ACEOs from her sister who just happens to be…

4. Little Black Heart.

I would like all of her ACEOs please. Then I can make one big ACEO collage for my wall! The despondant meercat is my favourite. Things aren’t so ‘simples’ it seems.

4. Star necklace from Mrs Gibson

Have the seen the Chanel advert with Audrey Tatou? I love her necklace at the end when she’s being hugged by the unfeasibly attractive man. I love her top too but my boobs need a great big over the shoulder boulder holder, not a teeny strappy top, so this is the only way I can channel her style. I’ve been looking for a similar necklace for months & this is the best version I can find.

6. Swallow necklace by Mia Scintilla

I love bird jewellery & found this when I was doing a search on Folksy. It’s really unusual and I love it.

7. A subscription to Good Food magazine.

I was pondering whether to subscribe to it on the iPad but I just love the ceremony of a magazine – smelling it (what?), flicking through for a tantalising peek at the recipes then when you’ve got time sitting down with a glass of wine and some post its to pick out the recipes you want to keep. Eventually when husband moans that the magazines are taking over the house you can rip out pages for a binder or (as I tend to do) write them in your own recipe book for them to be updated, tweaked and cooked over and over again. You don’t get that on a iPad!

8. Joseph Joseph nest of 8 bowls.

I love Joseph Joseph. I already own the coloured coded chopping boards and Elvis worktop saver. I love bowls & though I’m now quite sure where I’d keep them they are obviously space saving and small and colourful therefore I need them.

9. A Lulu Guinness lips clutch.

This is possibly the most iconic bag for me. Keep your Chanel 2.55 & Hermes Birkin – this is the one I want. Ideally I’d like all of them (scroll down that list, how can you pick just one?) but if I had to choose 3 I’d go for the red perspex, black studded and silver Swarovski. *sigh* They’re so beautiful!!

10. A Cath Kidston bag.

Not just any bag though. It has to be a saddle bag (larger size) in a white or cream oilcloth. Floral too. I don’t like spotty or birds and I don’t like the coloured versions. I also don’t like the beige ones so this is a bit of a drop in the ocean ebay find. I have a run through the listings every night to see if anything else has been listed but not yet. 😦 I live in hope though!

Of course, what I’d really like for Christmas is to lose 5 stone (as always), be able to eat as much as I want without ever gaining weight, to win the lottery (anything over a million would be great ta) and 3 extra hours in the day but Santa ain’t no miracle worker so a chocolate orange would be nice too.


(not a sponsored post – just a wish list!)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. December 12, 2011 5:09 pm

    Great List…I soooooo want a pair of those boots!

  2. December 13, 2011 2:36 pm

    *rushes out to buy some floral DMs*

  3. December 21, 2011 1:08 pm

    Only just spotted this mention – and your lovely blog! I will do my best to make some more Bonehead stuff in the new year, it’s one of my favourites too 🙂

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