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February 18, 2012

So I’m fat again. Very fat. In a particularly radical move I’ve decided to embark on a healthy eating & exercise type of lifestyle. I’ve hidden the scales & will just go off the number of chins I have to decide if I’m losing weight or not. The weather isn’t so great right now but recently I have started walking. Not loads – this is me after all – but enough. A mile or so at lunchtime, a pootle around at the weekend with Craig & Sam. I’ve also been going on the exercise bike at night for 15/20 minutes or so. Just baby steps to start with but I can always build it up.

Towards the end of last year I was asked to run the London marathon in April. After a lot of thinking I turned it down & passed on someone else’s details who I knew was into running. To go from my level of fitness to a marathon runner in 4 months just wasn’t possible with the small amount of time I was able to dedicate to it. I do want to run the marathon though so I said I would improve my fitness this year & asked them to get in touch for the 2013 marathon.

Around the time I decided this I was offered pair of MBT trainers to review. It was like they read my mind! If you haven’t heard of MBT then you’ll definitely have seen them. This is the pair I was sent.

 Recognise them now? 

What they say:

Our philosophy at MBT is to increase everyone’s activity levels and in 1996, a link between instability and movement gave us the code we needed to create the world’s original physiological footwear – the MBT – your key to a more active life.

MBTs’ patented Masai Sensor and Balancing Area induce instability that your body instinctively attempts to correct. This corrective action can help add more movement into everyday life and can also lead to increased muscle activation and can help improve posture and balance.

There are MBT styles to suit every occasion and need, so you’ll always be able to do more for your body while standing and walking – wherever you are.’

I can agree with that! Walking is definitely harder and I can feel it in my calves if I’ve walked even a smal distance. Standing still can be tough as you try to compensate for the curved soles.

I am finding a great advantage to them is that there isn’t as much impact and pressure on my knees when I walk. I’m having some real issues with my left knee at the moment and it can be difficult to walk for long distanaces in my normal shoes. It feels much better in the MBTs though.

So would I recommend them? Yes I definitely would. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, you feel like you’re walking on cushions and they make your muscles work that bit harder. I’m looking forward to seeing the results! 🙂

Premium footwear brand MBT. Is located on the ground floor at the Lowry Outlet Mall.  The physiological footwear pioneer, MBT, offers active, stylish footwear, which has built-in instability that helps to increase movement while standing and walking.  With this additional movement, MBTs help to improve posture, balance and increase muscle activation.

The Lowry Outlet Mall is the perfect place to pick up your shopping bargains; offering savings of up to 60% off RRP all year round. For more information visit Follow us on Twitter @lowryoutletmall

(I was sent a pair of MBTs to try but was not asked to blog about them….honesty…integrity…not swayed…own opinion…etc etc).

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