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Sam the ‘Hexplorer’

March 9, 2012

Sam goes through phases of being obsessed with a TV programme. For a few weeks we have to call him that name, be other characters in the show and buy him all associated merchandise (ok we may just do the last one because we’re silly & spoil him). In the last few months he’s been DipDap, Lightning McQueen, Mike the Knight, Neep from Abney and Teal (and Abney, and Teal, and Bop, and a PokPok…) and Justin from Justin’s House (my Mum is Robert & I’m Dee-Livery!)

At the moment he’s Andy. Yes big tall lanky Andy with the unfeasibly large teeth and floppy hair who is best known as a presenter of Cbeebies and now fronts Andy’s Wild Adventures. Sam loves it. I’m not averse to it either because although Andy does seem to have a great many teeth and rather large nostrils I actually find rather attractive (though not as attractive as Sid. Hubba hubba). Sam watches it on iPlayer all day long and has learnt to put it on the iPlayer on the iPad even overriding the whole ‘Don’t use this because you’re on 3G & it will cost you shitloads’ warning when we’re out & about away from WiFi. Thanks Sam.

This morning we were on the way to his Nana’s & Grandad’s when he looked at his (perfectly normal, nothing out of the ordinary) grey combat-y style trousers my Mum bought him from Tesco last week and started shouting ‘Mummy, look at my pants, my special pants, my hexplorer pants. I look  like Andy – these pants are Andy’s!! I’m going on a wild adventure! I’m a hexplorer!’ Bless him he was so ‘hexcited’.  It was slightly more worrying when he started quoting directly from the show ‘Can you heard that bark Kip. It sounds like a dog doesn’t it. Well it is a type of dog Kip. It’s a prairie dog…’ He may have watched it just a few too many times!

What do you think? Are these some kind of hexplorer pants that I missed?

Excuse the stupid smile &  hair. He slept funny & woke up looking like a loon. No amount of water could dampen it down so I gave up. The less said about his bizarre expression the better.

 And the big guy with the original pants: Andy himself. Yeah, actually I can see what he means. It’s got Sam really into wildlife now so I’m more than happy to play along as an inventing cat. Sam’s Wild Adventures coming up!

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  1. Mrs Hannah permalink
    March 9, 2012 7:39 pm

    What a Hexcellent pair of pants! We’ll have to get the boys together and go Hexploring 🙂 x

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