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July 3, 2012

Sam turned 4 yesterday & I think I’m still in a little bit of shock. I don’t want to forget what he’s like right now so indulge me whilst I do an update post so I look back in years to come & remember how infuriating, funny and downright gorgeous he is right now.


Sam seems to have come on so much in the last 12 months and he’s definitely ready for school now. His vocabulary is amazing and his memory second to none. He still has no interest at all in writing his name (or writing at all in fact) but I’m sure that will come.  We’ve noticed he can be quite a loner when he’s around lots of children but thrives in a small group. I’m not quite sure what this means for school but he’ll adapt – he’ll have to!

He’s been for an induction at his school and will go again tomorrow. He didn’t seem that fussed by the other kids or activities but loved the climbing frame and wendy house! All the children did a lovely smile for the camera (they need pictures by their coat hooks) but Sam just gurned – his latest camera face. He’ll be stuck with that all year now. Bloody child. He does seem to like the thought of big boy school with his friend Louis so hopefully he’s be absolutely fine. I can’t say I’m particularly worried. He’s pretty easy going most of the time and I hope he’ll take it in his stride. I’m very excited to see what books he’ll be reading! You couldn’t give me enough books when I was young and I do hope Sam is the same.


Sam is very cheeky with a wicked sense of humour. My Mum comments that he knows exactly what to do to make you laugh, which he does frequently! He can be naughty. He does not like you telling him what to do and woe betide you if you tell him to stop. ‘I don’t like you ANYmore. I’m going away’ as he stomps off to the kitchen/bedroom/any place away from us. Or ‘Right that’s it – I’m not your friend’. Problem is, it just makes us laugh which makes the situation worse!

He’s as stubborn as me when it comes to budging on anything. Especially eating. He’s still a fussy little thing. Craig bought penne pasta instead of fusili which triggered a meltdown – ‘I do NOT like THAT pasta’. He’ll eat beans & sausage, spaghetti hoops, chicken nuggets, meat pies, peas, sweetcorn, chips, mini waffles, fish fingers, bread (no butter), sometimes jam, sometimes porridge, burger (no bun), pasta & garlic bread (sometimes), jaffa cakes (he adores jaffa cakes), bourbon biscuits, Kinder eggs, strawberries, bananas, sometimes apples, blueberries, carrots & cucumber sticks (if he’s in the mood), cherry tomatoes, yoghurts, chocolate, poppadoms with mango chutney and sometimes naan bread. All of the above (mostly) must be coated in tomato ketchup. Not exactly a long list and very far removed from when he was a baby and I made all his meals from scratch. He used to be a great eater. We’re hoping he see his friends eating at school and copy them. He’s tall for his age so he can’t be missing out on too much. Oh and when he’s finished eating (usually after a meal that wouldn’t satisfy a mouse) he’ll say ‘I’m full now. That’s just what happens.’


His favourite programmes at the moment are Tree Fu Tom and Abney and Teal. He bounces around pretending to be Neep but most often can be found doing Tree Fu. Obsessed is not the word! Craig’s cut the fingers off gloves, made a belt and bought him a Ben 10 omnitrix (??) as it looks like Tom’s holopack. This has been the best present ever I think. Before his birthday he was using various sweat cuff things but now his holopack makes noises which is THE BEST THING EVER! When he isn’t being Tom, he’s pretending to be the giant robot with either clothes pegs or BBQ tongs are the giant’s hands. He’s also still into Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. He’s definitely picking up the southern accent from them! Windy Car-stle and last night he said Nanny Plum was called Nanny Plam – I think we need some more Northern accents on Nick Junior please!

He loves his swimming lessons every Saturday and would be doing very well if he’d actually listen and stop doing Tree Fu during it! His face lights up when he gets Star of the Week! I’m actually about to take him out of this class as I’m not very impressed with them. I need to find another but I’m worried that although I don’t like these, they are the best around! And what if Sam doesn’t like the new one?

Sam loves his cousin Jack – they’re ‘best fwiends’ apparently. Jack is 2 years younger and equally enamoured with Sam which is lovely to see. I’m a bit gutted they can both say each other names properly now because for a while it was ‘Yak’ and ‘Bam’ which is the cutest thing ever! I love that they’re growing up together.He’s close to all our family which is great to see. Even my sister & her family in Australia. We Skype quite often and he shows Auntie Helen what new things he’s learnt and giggles with ‘Baby Wiley’ (Riley) who isn’t much of a baby anymore – 14 months old and walking now!


We went bowling in Bury with Louis, Rowan, Milo, Luca & Jack. Sam had the best time and cried when it was over! They were so beautifully behaved it was a pleasure watching them. I was a bit worried what 6 boys (4 aged 4 & 2 aged 2) would get up to but they were fab. We had very little to actually do thanks to a lane host who took care of pretty much everything. It was £12 per child but I’d definitely recommend it. Food, a game of bowling, party bags, toy & picture for Sam and drinks were all included. We just had to bring a cake (Lightning McQueen that Sam chose).

Sam then went with my parents to see the new dog they just bought (we’re not getting him until after our holiday so they went to visit) whilst we did the final birthday shop then we all, and my Grandma, went to Westwood for a curry. It was a brilliant day. Sam said it was the best birthday he’s ever seen and you can’t get better than that.

He’s been spoilt for his birthday with lots of gorgeous things. We bought him a drum kit (huge apologies to our neighbours!), the omnitrix thing, Lego, Lightning McQueen jigsaws and some clothes (he’s just had a growth spurt and we’ve had to ditch loads!); he’s had a Trunki from my parents and will be getting a robot this week that my mum & her friend have bought him; clothes and money from Craig’s family; some stuff for his jollies from my sister (not sure what, I missed the post yesterday & have got to pick it up later!); Mr Frosty (as it was called) ice lolly maker from Louis and Rowan, 3D snakes & ladders from Lynne & Denis (best pwesent he’d ever seen apparently!) and top trumps which I’m yet to figure out!; a Bob the  Builder tool kit, talking, racing Lightning McQueen from Uncle Dave & Auntie Vicky (godfather) which he LOVED! And quite a few other bits & pieces. There’s more to come as well as I know some people have left/are leaving presents at my mum’s this week. We’ve given him his presents over a few days so as not to overwhelm him.

Other stuff

Sam’s been asking about our impending holiday for months now, poor thing. He can’t wait to fly on an plane (he was only 14 months when we visited my sister in Australia & doesn’t remember it) to Fuerteventura (which he can say better than my Grandma!) and go swimming every day with Grandma and Grandad. Not many more sleeps to go now!

His bedtime is still quite early – well I think it’s normal for a 4 year old but kids his age are running around on the park behind our house much later so I worry I’m sending him up too early! – at 7-7.30pm. He is shattered by this time but looks out of his window, sees children playing and wants to join them. He’s probably up earlier than them though (6.30 so I can drop him off ay his Nana’s by 7.15am) so I think it balances itself out. Besides, I do like my lovely peaceful evenings!

His feet smell yummy and I love them even if he has the wonky toe and Bailey big gap (so does my sister & Riley). He has the cutest smattering of freckles across his nose. His hair looks quite blonde but in the sun is a beautiful golden colour with more than a hint of red in it. His belly button looks like a bakewell tart – I love this. He has a little vein on his eyelid that’s shaped liked an octopus with 3 legs. I noticed this when he was a baby but always forget to write it down. He does the biggest, smelliest poos I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter. Other people comment on them! He has a lovely smile.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. And Sam – if you ever read this, as you can see with the essay above, at aged 4 you are completely and utterly fabulous. You are very much loved by everyone who knows you, especially your Daddy and I who love you lots & lots like jelly tots AND all the world and a little bit more. xxxx


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  1. July 3, 2012 7:00 pm

    DId you have to make me cry??? Thats so sweet – a pleasure to read.
    Also fyi Elliot is 4 and a half and is in bed for 7 every night… I need my evening sanity! x

    • notsuchayummymummy permalink*
      July 5, 2012 8:19 am

      Sorry! I realised I don’t have anything documenting how he’s changing and the funny little things he say. I got so caught up with the stats side of blogigng and joining in with things that I forgot what it was about – this!

      Glad someone else has the same idea as me about bedtime. I couldn’t cope without my few hours of peace! x

  2. August 11, 2012 9:41 am

    This is a lovely post and a brilliant idea. My oldest is three is a couple of weeks and I’ve been reflecting how quickly the time has gone and how quickly he has developed. Thanks for the blogging inspiration and I’m excited to start writing as it will be lovely for us to look back on. (look out for a pingback 😉 )

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