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We’re home!

July 27, 2012

We came back off holiday last weekend. Depressing. But we brought the sun with us! Huzzah! We’ve had a lovely time in Fuerteventura – definitely a place we’d go back and see. I’ve got a list as long as my arm of places I need to review on Trip Advisor. There were some very good and some very restaurants we went to, and some bloody fantastic bars. Sam had a ball in the swimming pool all day and we managed to convince him that on holiday he needed a siesta every day. He was so compliant! Around 2/3pm he’d ask if it was siesta time and (on the whole) went down straight away for 2-3 hours which was fabulous. It really gave us the freedom to go out to eat (and drink!) at night without worrying about small child tiredness meltdowns.

One thing I totally forgot though was that we were going to a Spanish country. Yes, even though we booked 8 months ago, looked up tapas places and having been planning things to do, we managed to totally overlook the language barrier (not that in a tourist place there is much of one, most people working there spoke pretty good English). Of course I blame this on my sister. The last few holidays we’ve had have been to Australia (and Skegness but that doesn’t sound as impressive) so all we’ve have to worry about looking up is how to kill a Great White (or is that just me???).  Getting off the plane to a different language was a revelation! And a panic. I did a 6 month module in Spanish as a side course to my degree and I wish I could say it flooded back but it did not. The most I remembered was sangria, hasta luego (see you later) and muchas vodka por favor senor. Not very useful. I hate going to a country & not at least speaking some of the language. When I lived in China I was never fluent but I could get by. I could go shopping, drinking (vodka cola shi shi), tell people I was an English teacher (wo shi yingoren laoshi), tell them my name (wo jiao Emma), order train/bus tickets, tell beggers not to touch me (bie pong wo) and all importantly – argue with a market trader who had tried to rip me off for meat on a stick (more common than you’d think!).

Looking like a tourist is one of my pet hates so not being able to say anything was annoying. I found myself speaking French half the time when I did try – as did my dad who is fluent. The lady in the supermarket looked a bit confused when we ordered ‘deux pains sil vous plait’.

So yeah, we’re home. I’ll post again about where we went next week because seriously, it was amazing. Highly recommended. In the meantime here’s a couple of pics (apologies if you’re on Instagram/FB, you’ll probably have already seen them! Oh and apologies in advance for the sponsored & review posts that I am going to be writing over the next few days. I have been very lax this month & need to get my butt in gear. Normal service shall resume soon. 🙂

Canarian potatoes with mojo sauce. Nom.

One of the few things Sam ate all week…

He didn’t quite get his swing right!


Just chillin’

At sunset

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