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Too important to ignore!

August 1, 2012

We’re so lucky in this country. We have free health care and nominal dentistry costs yet we don’t appreciate it at all. I know it’s not perfect – there are ridiculous waiting lists and not enough beds but I’d rather be here than America or Australia.

I’ve just paid £120 for a trip to the dentist with a couple of fillings (the reason I’ve given up diet coke!) which I’ll get back through a work sponsored cash back plan. My sister paid over $4000 for roughly the same treatment in Australia. Holy moly!

If you’re an Australian (and there are a surprising amount who read my blog, hence this post!) who doesn’t want to be unbelievably out of pocket then you need insurance. Seriously. Can you imagine being involved in a major incident and having to pay for all the treatment yourself? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Choosi are an Australian health insurance comparison site who can help any family find the right health insurance. There’s no cost to it but it could save you a fortune! There are so many variables when looking at insurance that it’s helpful to have one place where all your details are recorded rather than inputting them into a number of different sites.

I’ll be passing their details on to my sister!

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