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Sudocrem sunscreen mousse

August 25, 2012


Hallelujah! It’s been a thoroughly miserable few weeks since I’ve come back off my jollies which makes it rather ironic that I’ve been sent Sudocrem sun screen for children to review! I’ve been waiting for a nice few days to try this on Sam so I’m pleased we’ve finally had some (looks like they’re done & dusted for the bank holiday thought – typical!)

Sam is very fair skinned with strawberry blonde hair and comes out in rashes a bit too frequently for my liking. Barely a week goes by when I’m not sticking an upside down glass on his chest to see if the rash disappears or not. Apart from one particularly nasty  viral infection and a dash to hospital it’s always turned out to be a reaction to some lotion or potion that we’ve used on him or his clothes. We’re now limited to 2 washing powders, 1 bubble bath, 1 shampoo and 2 sun creams – hence my interest in adding another sun screen to our repertoire.


–          The Sudocrem sunscreen isn’t a normal cream, it’s a mousse – awesome! Like a hair mousse you shake it to wake it and squeeze onto your hand. It’s fairly easy to control but it takes a while to work out how much of the mousse equates to cream and so how much you need

–          It rubbed in very easily without greasiness or that thick white residue that some sun creams can leave and as it’s not scented I wasn’t overpowered by coconut (why do nearly all sun screens smell of coconut? I do not like it.)

–          It’s factor 50, hypoallergenic and is ‘very water resistant’ which is great for us as on holiday Sam was never out of the water. Sam’s Nana Pat did point out though that as it is a mousse you do feel like you are using an awful lot of it to make sure the kids are covered. She felt she used much more than she would have done if using an ordinary sun cream, especially on his face.

I was very pleased though that it hasn’t aggravated Sam’s sensitive skin and he has no rash!

It’s priced at £13.50 in Boots (£9.95 on Amazon) at the moment which puts it pretty bang in the mid – low price range of kid’s suncream.

Would I buy it? Yes I would. Price wise it’s in the ball park of the 2 creams we can use on Sam but I found the mousse to be much more convenient than the cream. I hate putting sun screen on and this made it that little bit more interesting which can’t be a bad thing.  

(I was sent a bottle of Sudocrem sunscreen  mousse for the purpose of the review but all opinions are my own. I’m also spreading the love & passing on the nearly full bottle to a friend to take abroad with her little kids. No point it hanging around with me til next year!)

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