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Red Hot World Buffet, Manchester – a review

September 17, 2012

The Sunday before Sam started school we decided to have a bit of a family day. We started by watching the Thomas film, Blue Mountain Mystery, at the cinema. It was Sam’s first ever trip to the pictures & he loved it! He rarely sits still for more than 20 minutes at a time so we were sure if he’d stay still for the whole of the film. We needn’t have worried. He’s so into Thomas at the moment that he sat enthralled for the whole film (apart from one quick loo break!) He’s now got the DVD and lucky us have to sit through it EVERY day. I am so sick of Luke and those narrow gauge engines…

After the film we went for lunch at the Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester. I like eating out as a family but Sam is a nightmare! He’s such a faddy eater & if he doesn’t like the look or texture or something he will not even try it. At all. Ever. Stubborn kid that one (definitely inherited that from me!) I figured though we’d find something to eat at the largest buffet restaurant in Europe!

We had never been before but I had heard good reviews and was dying to try it. A review opportunity came at the perfect time! I booked in advance as I understand there can sometimes be a queue. You have a time slot of 2 hours for lunch (12-2) and we went at 12.30 so just had an hour and a half. It was plenty of time though.

There is an almost overwhelming variety of food including (but not limited to) Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian and British plus salads, cold cuts & cheese and the largest dessert section I’ve ever seen. (click here for the menu)

I can’t even tell you what I tried – I think it was most things! The crab claws and Chinese ribs in particular were incredible. I love the Mexican quesadillas, Chinese noodles, Indian naan bread, Italian pizza, Greek salad. Craig enjoyed everything he had (mainly pizza & curries – 4 different types!) Sam did disappoint me a little bit as he decided he didn’t want any food and had some slices of tomato and a bit of bread. No reflection on the food, just my child be super annoying! Naturally when it was dessert time he was more enthusiastic!

Ice cream, jelly & chocolate brownie. Nom.

We both hit the dessert section pretty hard. I tried as much as I could. The good think about the whole restaurant is that you can pretty much decide how much or how little you want of nearly everything & it’s not big slices of cake. You could grab a tiny, taster sliver which I did! Of the passion fruit cheesecake, raspberry and ginger mousse, chocolate and amaretto cake, mango and rosemary pannacotta,  chocolate brownie and some melon, to be healthy. *cough*. There was also a large selection of ice creams (I think I counted 12 in all but I’m not much of an ice cream fan so left this to Sam to try – he thought it was ‘bwilliant’.)

My ‘small’ selection of desserts

I was surprised at the quality of the food to be honest. I was a bit sceptical that one restaurant could pull off that many different menus and different cuisines but I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t a fan of the curries but I am a fussy curry eater and tend to only like them at my local curry house. The Mexican and Chinese food was out of this world. I was a bit gutted that there wasn’t any sushi but there was a sign saying that it was only available in the evenings.

Would I go back? Hell yes! The food was great, I liked the layout (easy to see what food was available, not too cluttered), the atmosphere was nice, the service was excellent and the price was good too. We paid £10 each for Craig and I, £5 for Sam. We had 2 drinks each and paid just over £40 in total which I didn’t think was bad. Neither of us needed to eat again that day! I think I would go in the evening though so I get to try that sushi. When leaving we were given a reward card for money off future trips which was a nice touch. They also do a breakfast buffet too which I think I’ll have to try! All in all, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Just part of the dessert section

*I received £30 towards the cost of our meal but all opinions are my own & I was not told what to write.*

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