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Jenny Craig – Week 1

September 27, 2012

My 2 week Jenny Craig pack

In my last post I mentioned that I had been given the opportunity to review the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s basically a plan where you get the majority of your food delivered and have weekly phone calls with a personal consultant.

Before I started I had a consultation with my consultant, a lovely lady called Millie who went through the whole ethos of Jenny Craig, discussed my eating habits, reasons for losing weight and any food issues I had. We chatted for about half an hour and I found it really useful to be able to identify where I was slipping and how Jenny Craig could help.

As mentioned, the majority of my food was provided. The menu was varied. I had a 2 week menu plan which was all laid out for me, taking into consideration my weight and how many calories I needed to consume in order to lose weight safely (1500 per day as I’m a heifer. I’m sure if you were lighter, it would be less). I could pick whichever day I wanted to follow but once I had started that day’s menu I had to stick to it as it’s nutritionally balanced by day. Easy!

As an example of what I’ve been eating: breakfast would be porridge with raspberry (seriously good) and fruit (not provided); a Jenny Craig snack (crisps, muesli bar, chocolate biscuit) a couple of hours later;  chorizo & mixed bean soup with salad, a protein (some ham), mini pitta and some dressing (only soup provided); fruit in the afternoon (not provided), an evening meal – pasta bolognaise, chicken tikka massala & rice – with veg and a yoghurt/fruit for afters (add own veg, fruit etc). It’s a lot of food! I have to admit on most of the days I would have the salad later on the afternoon instead of with lunch as it was a lot!

Huge lunch!

I know other bloggers haven’t been that keen on the food but I really enjoyed it. The Hungarian Goulash with potatoes was a favourite as was the beef tortellini, prawn korma and mashed potato. The crisps (plain or Thai flavour) were better than Walkers and the chocolate biscuits were amazing! I wasn’t massively keen on the sweet & sour noodles or tuna salad but I never have been!

I stuck to plan religiously for the first 6 days until the Saturday when I consumed my considerable body weight in wine and raspberry sambuca (to the point I have only hazy memories of a Chinese karaoke place, abandoning my friends to talk to 2 less than convincing transvestites in the Village and having to be carried home by Craig). Pretty sure that’s not on the plan…

Even so I didn’t have my usual post night out kebab & I carried on with the plan the next day (round of applause for not giving into MaccyD’s please!) through one of the worst hangovers I’ve ever had. I blame that Grumpyish Mum you know – it was all her idea!

Because of all the alcohol I was a bit worried when I weighed myself on the Monday. I needn’t have worried though – I lost half a stone! Get in!

So, first week in and I’m very much enjoying Jenny Craig. It’s been easy to stick to and I’ve enjoyed the food. I’ll let you know how I get on next week!

This is how drunk I was… Oh dear.



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