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I’m specsy and I know it… (cough)

October 12, 2012

I got glasses for the first time last month and I am SO excited! I’ve always wanted glasses but am the only one in family who doesn’t need them (yes, even you Helen! You need them but don’t wear them!) Incidentally I always wanted braces too and was overjoyed to get a fixed brace when I was 15. I must have always had a thing for geek chic!

I started getting headaches most days a few months ago and after trying getting more sleep and drinking more water I thought it could only be due to eye strain. I’m on the computer all day at work then I come home and for the majority of the night I’m usually in front of the TV with the iPad or laptop on (often all three!)

I went for an eye test and they confirmed I did need glasses for computer work. Yay! I’d already picked out some kick ass Gok Wan glasses I fancied so I was so relieved I could actually have them! As I said to the bloke, I’m not faffing around with namby pamby clear frames, if I’m having glasses I want statement GLASSES! These are slightly smaller than I would have liked. I wanted proper old school NHS Deirdre Barlow but I do love these.

Apparently I suit glasses and look a bit secretary like. Errr, ok. So here’s my best secretary impression (but Mr Smith, you’re the boss. I couldn’t possibly do that!) and a couple of normal ones.

What do you think? I LOVE THEM!

(also, isn’t my Casetagram iPhone case amazing?!)

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