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The Baby Saga – Success!

February 5, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted about what was happening in the whole baby saga epic. In November I wasted too much money (and tears) on tests when I was 2 weeks late. In December I decided I wasn’t going to test until I had missed 2 periods. I almost made it…

I think I knew I was going to be pregnant in December. My sister and her family was coming home from Australia for 3 weeks, we had a few nights out booked in and I wasn’t working for most of it. It was fate! Or Sod’s Law, whatever. I have to say I went off alcohol quite a bit from mid December. At our work’s conference (and Christmas party), I stayed pretty sober, interspersing wine with water and diet coke and going to bed at a reasonable hour (I did have a 5 hour drive home though, but this hasn’t bothered me before!) Even on Christmas Day and Boxing Day I wasn’t that bothered about drinking. Not that it repelled me or anything, I just didn’t fancy it. Wish I felt that way about chocolate.

My parent’s neighbour said a few weeks later that I just looked pregnant at Christmas but he didn’t say anything to me! Think I would have been freaked out as we didn’t know then!

I finally admitted I was almost a month late the day after Boxing Day. My Mum & Dad (unrelated to this) offered to have Sam for the night and Craig & I went to watch Reacher at the cinema. On the way home I grabbed a test from Tesco & not telling Craig, did it. Immediate, no doubt, clear as day positive. Woo hoo! We were thrilled, anxious but thrilled. As I had been in denial for much of the month when I worked out my dates I was 8.5 weeks. When I was pregnant with Sam we found out at 3 weeks, had a bleed at 6 weeks, was signed off work and scanned twice by 8 weeks so I was glad not to have that kind of drama this time.

We were going to wait a couple of days before telling our families but the next day we were going to Thomas Land with my parents, sister & family. I managed to keep it a secret all day (avoiding roller coasters and wine – yes wine at a theme park! Genius!) until we went for a curry at my parents. I ended up telling them and within a day both our families know. They were naturally thrilled for us, they know how much this pregnancy means to us.

I think we might have made a teeny mistake telling Sam – he was desperate to know when the baby will arrive ‘How many more minutes Mummy?’ but as the weeks have gone on he’s chilled out a bit. He does like looking at my apps and seeing how big the baby is which I think is just lovely. If he has a brother he thinks he should be called Luke and if it’s a sister he’ll call it Thomas! Grumpyish Mum’s eldest, Louis made me laugh when he came round for tea a couple of weeks ago. He thinks if it’s a girl it should be Rose (funnily enough on my short list anyway!) and if it’s a boy, Louis-Sam. Can’t fault him. 🙂

I had my 12 weeks scan a couple of weeks ago and everything is a-ok. Baby looks fine, likes to do backflips and is even more active than Sam was at that stage. I have an appointment this week with a consultant about trying for a natural birth (if you don’t know, I had an emergency c section last time which floored me emotionally & physically and I do not want to repeat that). As long as I stay fit, healthy and my blood pressure doesn’t leap up like last time then I have a 75% chance of a natural delivery, this thrills me. I am already downloading hypnobirthing info, gathering stats on VBACs (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), finding natural ways to keep my blood pressure down and reading positive birth stories. I know my body can do this, I just have to stay strong and well.

And that takes us up to now! The constant nausea and exhaustion that plagued me so much over the past few weeks seems to be lifting slightly. The tiredness is lingering a bit longer than I’d like actually (last night I fell asleep on the sofa at 6.45pm, woke up at 8.15pm & went to bed at 9.30!) I’m 14 weeks pregnantnow & very much looking forward to the ‘glowing’ part of the 2nd trimester! My family are being wonderful – Craig is cooking and cleaning loads to help me out (to be fair as I’m napping pretty much every day after work, if he didn’t do it no one would!), Sam tells me to sit down to let the baby rest and my parents have had looked after Sam the last couple of Fridays and let me lie in at the weekend. Very much needed after 6am starts through the week!

Despite the tiredness I am so, so happy to finally be pregnant. I think we’re both a little worried about how we’ll cope with 2 children in a 2 bedroom house, the childcare costs, them being over 5 years apart, having this baby in the summer holidays when Sam is home, how I’ll manage 2 children when Craig is on nights and asleep upstairs! I’m of course worried about the birth, being able to breastfeed as successfully as I did last time, regressing 5 years to sleepless nights, etc etc. All fairly standard worries I think! We know what we’re doing, we want this baby very much and we’re so lucky to have conceived it finally (first month on Clomid!) so I’m sure all our worries will go when we see our newest addition.

I’m very excited to be sharing the next few months with you all – be prepared for a lot of hippy shit!!  (cervix opening like a flower, calling contractions ‘surges’ and meditation).  Fingers crossed for the next 6 months!

Meet our baby!

Meet our baby!

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  1. February 7, 2013 9:02 am

    Really pleased for you all Emma. Won’t be long and he’ll be here. Or she… Xxx

  2. February 22, 2013 12:13 pm

    Congratulations…all will be fine. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my partner and my baby and run my business from here. It’s definitely squishy at times but we make it work.

  3. February 22, 2013 12:14 pm

    Got so carried away reading your blog I commented on the wrong post, it was meant for the later post!

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